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    Helping organisations realise their sustainability vision

    For 14 years, The KPI Institute has been supporting organizations and professionals from all over the world in measuring and improving their performance. All this expertise is gathered and applied in a comprehensive research center aiming to help organizations manage and improve their sustainability operations and reporting practices.


    The Center for Sustainability Performance conducts regular research with the purpose of providing up-to-date insights about the trends shaping the boundaries of organizational sustainability practices, proposing valuable solutions for performance improvement.


    Our research and insights in the field of sustainability are disseminated in dedicated publications, which range from KPI selection and documentation, through the Top KPI Reports and the KPI Dictionaries Series, to best practices from all around the world, shared through articles available in PERFORMANCE Magazine.


    Our data-based consulting services focus on your most challenging issues to ensure that your sustainability strategies, initiatives and reporting practices maximize enterprise value and accelerate growth.
    Through the Center for Sustainability Performance, you have access to a diverse range of sustainability services, from reporting audits, to sustainability strategic planning and complex performance management systems implementation.


    Our training solutions for sustainability address specific needs encountered by CSR and sustainability professionals, corporate communications specialists and company executives, particularly in the reporting and performance management areas. Through our training courses, we aim to simplify sustainability reporting for every organization and help manage and improve the performance of the sustainability function.


    The conferences and events organized by The KPI Institute create an amazing Community of Practice in which professionals from around the world exchange experiences, best practices and learn how to mature their businesses.


    Get in touch with us if you are interested in benefitting from our sustainability performance related resources and expertise.


    Iulia-Maria Visa
    Director of the Center for Sustainability Performance
    [email protected]
    Office phone: +61 39028 2223