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    Consulting Services

    Sustainability Strategy

    Organizational Sustainability Strategic Planning

    When it comes to implementing sustainable business practices, it is important for organizations to follow a holistic approach, in order to achieve maximum impact.
    We can help you establish critical sustainability focus areas according to the current and future needs of your organization and create a strategic roadmap with targets to be achieved. The strategic planning process implemented by the Center for Sustainability Performance helps transform complex, elaborate strategies into actionable, easy to understand objectives and encompasses:

    • Conducting a materiality assessment to identify the key sustainability topics for your organization, defining risks and opportunities
    • Designing the future state of the organization as to reflect the perspectives of major stakeholders
    • Defining clear goals and objectives related to environmental, social and governance goals, based on the organization’s desired state of evolution
    • Translating the sustainability strategy into easy-to-follow performance metrics and cascading them across the organization

    Alignment with UN SDGs 2030

    In the spirit of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework, companies are encouraged to establish how they can align their strategies in order to contribute to the achievement of these goals. In this regard, The KPI Institute, through its Center for Sustainability Performance, can assist companies and organizations in measuring their efforts and directing them towards the achievement of the desired level of alignment.

    Sustainability Performance

    Sustainability Performance Measurement System Implementation

    More and more organizations are implementing sustainability strategies and reporting processes, driven by the desire to align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals or to fulfill increasing stakeholder demands, whether shareholders, customers, employees, governmental institutions or the general public. While committing to more responsible business practices brings many benefits, it is important for organizations to ensure that the strategies they have in place drive the desired results.

    Our Sustainability Performance Measurement System Implementation represents a complex project enabling organizations to implement a state of the art sustainability performance measurement framework based on rigorous KPI selection to meet strategic objectives.

    Sustainability Balanced Scorecard Implementation

    We develop and implement a clear and concise tool-set to help your organization manage and improve its current level of performance in the sustainability area.

    Our Sustainability Balanced Scorecard represents a detailed monitoring and decision-making tool, relying upon rigorously selected KPIs to reflect your organizational context and needs regarding sustainability, which:

    • Helps your organization better focus on its strategic objectives
    • Ensures a simple and clear measurement process
    • Facilitates evidence-based decision-making to drive strategic level improvement

    Supply Chain Sustainability Framework Implementation

    Companies, particularly multinational enterprises, are increasingly extending their commitment to sustainable business practices to their value chains, to ensure consistent compliance with environmental, social and governance goals.

    This service is dedicated to bringing your relationship with the suppliers, distributors and other collaborators to the next level of performance, by extending your own performance management system across the supply chain and by making sure they align with your sustainability objectives. By involving the Center for Sustainability Performance in the process, you will be able to manage effectively the supplier life-cycle from one end to the other, followed by the selection and validation of similar strategic objectives measured through KPIs and sharing of real-time progress.

    Sustainability Reporting and Compliance

    Sustainability Report Generation

    The Center for Sustainability Performance provides full-cycle services for generating your organization’s sustainability report, from selecting and managing the measurement of KPIs included to elaborating the written report.

    We provide customized non-financial report generation, as well as in accordance with several internationally recognized frameworks:

    ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility

    ISO 26000, published by the global authority on international standards, represents a guidance standard on how business and organizations can operate in a socially responsible way. ISO 26000 helps clarify the concept of social responsibility, helps businesses and organizations translate principles into effective action and shares best practice on social responsibility. It is aimed at all types of organizations regardless of activity, size or location.

    ISO 26000 places emphasis on external stakeholders, such as the community and the organization’s consumers, highlighted through their inclusion in the seven core sustainability subjects addressed:

    • Organizational governance
    • Human rights
    • Labor practices
    • The environment
    • Fair operating practices
    • Consumer issues
    • Community involvement and development

    GRI Standards

    The GRI Standards, elaborated by the Global Reporting Initiative, represent the first global standards for sustainability reporting. They are structured as a set of interrelated, modular standards, comprising universal and topic-specific standards.

    GRI suggests considering the following sustainability-related topics when reporting:

    • Economic: economic performance, market presence, indirect economic impacts, procurement practices, anti-corruption and anti-competitive behavior
    • Environmental: materials used, energy, water, biodiversity, emissions, effluents and waste, environmental compliance and supplier environmental assessment
    • Social: employment, labor and management relations, occupational health and safety, training and education, diversity and equal opportunity, non-discrimination, child labor, local communities, customer safety, marketing and labeling etc.

    The GRI Standards, whose previous version has been the most widely-used sustainability reporting framework worldwide, are aimed at all types of organizations, including companies, NGOs and governmental organizations, irrespective of their size. Among its main benefits are the wide sustainability topic range covered, as well as the inclusion of topic-specific KPIs (together with definitions and references), which many internationally-used reporting frameworks do not provide.

    Sustainability Advisory Services

    We also support organizations that have sufficient resources in place to elaborate their non-financial reports themselves, however need guidance on specific procedures or parts of the reporting process, such as KPI definition, selection and documentation or adhering to guidelines. The Center for Sustainability Performance provide advisory services supporting organizations in the development of a sustainability report based on several internationally recognized frameworks:

    • ISO 26000:2010 Guidance on Social Responsibility
    • GRI Standards

    Sustainability Reporting Implementation

    While there are many arguments supporting the inclusion of KPIs in sustainability reporting, very few existing international frameworks provide specific examples of metrics to be used. This makes the reporting process more difficult to implement.

    We aim to improve and simplify reporting within your organization, by drawing upon The KPI Institute’s expertise in KPI documentation and selection to develop and deliver sustainability reports using customized frameworks based on KPIs relevant to your organization and your strategy.

    Sustainability Reporting Audit

    The KPI Institute’s Center for Sustainability Performance is here to ensure that your organization’s report is accurate and adheres to reporting requirements, whether ISO 26000, GRI or other frameworks.


    Get in touch with us if you are interested in benefitting from our sustainability performance related resources and expertise.


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