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    Documented Sustainability KPIs

    smartKPIs.com, an extensive research program conducted by The KPI Institute, offers over 350 examples of Key Performance Indicators related to Sustainability.

    Explore smartKPIs.com for a comprehensive collection of more than 20,980 KPIs and to find out more information about the KPIs of your interest, such as definitions, calculation formulas and recommendations on how to use and measure them.

    Secondary Research Studies

    Findings from our secondary research are disseminated through informative white papers and reports, which address professionals who wish to improve their understanding of the sustainability domain and gain insights into organizational practices and performance management.

    Primary Research Studies

    In order to help you stay on top of the latest developments in the sustainability area, we conduct periodic primary research studies to outline the latest practices in sustainability and business performance. Through our studies, we aim to enable professionals to envision the future development directions in this domain and encourage them to draw upon the best practices of their peers to improve their own strategies and operations.

    Commissioned Research

    Driven by assisting clients in understanding the challenges and opportunities around them, The KPI Institute has developed its Commissioned Research programs.

    Regardless of the maturity of your organization in managing sustainability, we provide customized research projects related to sustainability performance, tailored to your unique organizational or contextual requirements.

    Sustainability Benchmarking Studies Development

    Are you interested in finding out how your corporate sustainability strategies fare against those of competitors and leading companies within your industry? Do you want to improve your organization’s sustainability performance by drawing upon best-in-class strategies and insights?
    We develop on demand or syndicated benchmarking projects aimed at leveraging performance by gathering and analyzing the best practices of measuring sustainability performance across various industries. A successful benchmarking service implies high commitment from all stakeholders involved, willingness to share practices, learning from different approaches, the ability to communicate and flexibility to implement improvement initiatives, when possible.
    Our benchmarking process is based on four main stages:

    • Planning – Establishing objectives and performing preliminary research and scoping
    • Data collection – Generating and applying customized survey instruments
    • Analysis – Performing statistical analysis on the data gathered to draw insights
    • Improvement suggestions – Identifying actions that can be taken to improve organizational performance


    Get in touch with us if you are interested in benefitting from our sustainability performance related resources and expertise.


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    Director of the Center for Sustainability Performance
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