With more than 12 years of experience in the performance field, The KPI Institute now brings its insights and best practices closer to you through the Online Courses.

The extensive preparatory educational programs support professionals attain a solid foundation in a wide range of areas, from KPIs in different practice domains, to real-life processes for improving performance in diverse industries.

Our collection of online courses is tailored to offer a flexible and more efficient learning experience, enabling you to learn when, where and how you want. Choose online, self-paced courses with 24/7 access.

Certified KPI Professional – Online Course
This online training course embeds more than 10 years of research in the field of key performance indicators and relies on best practices identified in the real business environment. You will acquire knowledge on your own pace and learn how to face the most challenging aspects of working with KPIs.



Certified Data Analysis Professional – Online Course
This course provides perspective into this complex, fast-moving field by equipping you with the necessary concepts and tools needed to perform statistical and analytics reporting activities, in order to generate value out of the existing data.
Certified Performance Management Professional – Online Course
The online course aims at closing the organizations’ performance gap by offering first class, in-depth business insights in six pillars, from tools and techniques in data analysis, to key concepts, real-life processes in initiative management. The pillars are applied for both the organizational and departmental levels, as well as for the employee performance improvement.



Certified Benchmarking Professional – Online Course
An innovative online course, that aims at defining and improving those practices that lead to a high-level performance. It contains a comparative analysis on the organization’s performance against its competitors’, followed by identifying the strengths and weaknesses, and building superior procedures.