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A free strategy and performance assessment that will enable you to address the key pain points related to performance management practices and provide valuable insights to optimize processes and direct your performance initiatives towards a strategic alignment throughout the organization.

Our analyst team will review the essential components of your strategy management or performance improvement system and show you how you can make the most out of your metrics.

  • Organisational Strategy
  • Departmental Strategy
  • Performance Frameworks
  • Performance Scorecards
  • Operational Dashboards
  • KPI Selection and Documentation
  • Internal Processes
  • Data Gathering
  • Data Analysis Principles
  • Data Visualization
  • Benchmarking Frameworks
  • Employee Performance

We will share our insights on the following matters, through an executive summary:

  • Strategy
    How your company's vision, mission, values, plans and objectives are integrated in your operational performance system.
  • Performance Architecture
    Review your performance architecture and analyze different instruments (strategy maps, objectives, scorecards, dashboards, performance policies, etc.).
  • KPIs selection and documentation
    Analyze your current KPI selection process and the KPI documentation form.
  • Data gathering and visualization
    Review the data gathering process and challenges, as well as scorecard and dashboard design.
  • Employee performance management
    Correlation between Job Descriptions and individual KPIs, competencies or any other performance criteria.

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Is your organization ready for
improved performance?

Strategy formulation

Is your strategy well formulated and cascaded across all organizational levels?

Performance Measurement

Are you measuring what matters, in a meaningful way?

Data visualization

Are your scorecards and dashboards correctly configured to reflect data meaningfully?

Performance improvement

Are you able to support decision making with accurate data analysed in a timely manner?

Employee performance

Is your employee performance appraisal process outdated?

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You will have a preliminary meeting on which a first draft of your executive summary will be presented and solutions will be calibrated.



You will receive a documented report containing:


An overview of your context and issues


Recommendations of tools and techniques to improve your current systems


Road map for the future underlining the milestones and benefits

*All of your information is strictly confidential, and will be used only for the purpose of your assessment.

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"I enjoyed this experience. It was very educational and hopefully it will be applied in the near future."

Annar Alomari,
Institute of Public Administration, Saudi Arabia

"Great! So glad I found it. Gave me everything I need to do my job properly and with confidence."

Leonne Jones,
Brisbane City Council, Australia

"Oftentimes, receiving expert advice is a prerequisite to making the right decisions. Yet accessing this expert advice has obstacles in terms of availability, costs and timeliness. We are now putting our research analysts at your disposal, by providing on-demand phone or video consultation when needed and as needed."

Aurel Brudan, CEO The KPI Institute

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This campaign is available to qualifying organizations, represented by staff members involved in the operation of performance management systems at organizational, operational or employee level.