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The KPI Dictionary Volume 2: Industries

4,800+ Key Performance Indicator Definitions for a macroscopic view
on performance measurement

The KPI Dictionary - Volume 2 is a reference collection of Key Performance Indicators, used in practice today throughout a large number of industries such as Finance, Healthcare and Utilities.

Containing over 4800 KPIs, with definitions and relevant documentation fields, the volume is a unique, highly valuable resource for professionals, practitioners, consultants, researchers, managers and academicians worldwide, being a useful tool in the performance measurement and management process.

Features and figures

Research based - compiles 7 years of business research

Rigorously referenced - 30,000+ resources were studied

Expertise - 20+ researchers and subject matter experts were involved

Variety - KPIs examples from 25 different industries and 94 industry specific subcategories

Business benefits

Access - a full collection of industry specific KPIs, in one book

Optimize - the KPI selection process

Improve - your current KPI framework

Build - your internal KPI library


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"I am very pleased with the Top 25 Human resources KPIs report. The KPIs help me in my daily work. I use the recommended KPIs in my work as a human resource consultant too. My clients are very satisfied."

Miroslava Peicheva, Bulgaria