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A performance essentials pack, containing research and business based insights, that includes: tips and tricks of the trade, tools, articles, interviews, reports and resources.


PERFORMANCE Magazine Autumn 2015

Reference publication, integrating the best performance management content published online, alongside exclusive materials, interviews with prominent professionals in the field, resources, solutions and recommendations.

Top 10 KPIs Report

Free collection of the 10 most popular, practice-validated KPIs, compiled and analyzed by our business research team.

PERFORMANCE Business Bundle

Your digest of the best performance management articles, news, interviews and editorials, compliments of our Editorial team.

Performance Management Essentials Kit

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"I am very pleased with the Top 25 Human resources KPIs report. The KPIs help me in my daily work. I use the recommended KPIs in my work as a human resource consultant too. My clients are very satisfied."

Miroslava Peicheva, Bulgaria