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    22 MODULES


    Sales team recruitment

    To find the best sales people is like finding the Holy Grail. Without a system behind it, without the proper procedures and know-how the attrition rate will be low, the hiring costs will be high and the results will plummet. In this module we come with the resources to make sales recruitment an easier and more efficient process. We provide recommandations for structured role description, interviewing and testing to ensure talented sales professionals with the right attitude are selected.

    Sales team performance appraisals

    Evaluating employees is one of the hardest tasks there is because this can be a double edged sword. We at “The Sales Performance Labs” strongly believe this process must be done with diplomacy, communication and with a positive outcome. We implement this module by ensuring the employee performance management system facilitates the achievement of business results, competency development and the right behaviour.

    Sales team engagement

    Engaged sales people are your true ambassadors so how engaged are them? Because there is a difference between a good engagement plan and an inefficient one, you will be presented with a custom made solution that will increase satisfaction and, in a natural process, their results. We also provide assistance to help you nurture an engaged sales force through a multitude of non-monetary rewards and recognition programs.

    Sales team comission and bonus systems

    A coherent and objective system of incentives and rewards can help your sales team to create competitive advantages, increase profitability and add value in accordance with objectives and following the company’s strategy. The next level is the development and implementation of a incentive strategy whose role is to engage, motivate, recognize and reward the individual/team to achieve those objectives using a system for measuring performance.

    Sales team competency assessment

    What competencies are those that we look for a sales position and what are the ones that make the difference? What competencies we have right now in the sales department? Does the company support your employees in developing their competencies? These are the questions we will help you answer in this module. With a clear view of what you have and what you need, you can start planning for the future. We implement this module by evaluating the level of competency development and isolating the gaps to bridge through educational programs.

    Sales team training

    A combination of technical and soft skills training for developing sales competencies in line with the market needs. Our training programs are designed for impact and results. They cover areas like B2B sales, retail sales, telesales, negotiation, building customer relationships, sales leadership.


    Sales operational plan

    To have a sales strategy that is successful it is necessary to help the sales team to focus on customers who really matter and communicate with them in a relevant way.
    The best practice in planning and creating an effective strategy involves covering certain aspects like – having objectives in the medium term and long term, business analysis, competition analysis, clients structure, budget estimate, etc. In order to achieve excellence in sales strategy it is necessary to implement a performance measurement system and to align strategic objectives, operational and those of sales people.

    Performance management system

    This module works towards the improvement of the overall Sales Department’s performance by managing the performances of teams and individuals for ensuring the achievement of the goals of the company. It is necessary to set a workflow that maximize time spent with clients, defines clear responsibilities and puts emphasis on the sales model.
    We will help you design an integrated performance measurement and management system that facilitates access to progress in implementing planned outcomes.

    Sales system improvement

    It is crucial for your sales team to have clear defined patterns to follow and also the skills and tools to concentrate on customer’s needs.
    Implementation of a performance measurement system, ongoing training program for your sales team to develop skills and competencies and sharing relevant information with the nearest support departments-Marketing, Customer Care/Service will create results that position you as a landmark in your company’s industry.

    Sales channel optimisation

    There is a saying: “don’t keep your eggs in the same basket”. We’ll help you identify new sales channels and how to approach them and also support you to reach a new maturity level in the channels where you are selling right now. We do it by mapping and a go-to-market approach through the selected sales channels.

    Sales funnel management

    In the age of information, everything must flow and this is also the case with the sales leads. Does you company has a sales funnel? How optimized is the funnel? We’ll help you answer this questions and come up with a plan to increase leads and automize sales. We also will help you with the establishment of a standard vocabulary, processes, procedures and metrics to operate the sales funnel.

    Account management

    Adopting a rigurous account management approach to maximise uptake and cross-selling is a must. If accounts are serviced regularly the chance of signing or renewing contracts is much higher. We will help you implement procedures to be sure your account managers are doing the most out of each situation.

    Campaigns management

    Sales Accelerator will help you make the correct set up for your sales campaigns. We will go through: strategy & planning, target list, campaign execution, tracking response and analysis of the results. Analysis of the pipeline, aligning sales and performance measurement in the campaigns are among the most valuable tools used for continuous improvement of results. Our goal is to optimise the campaigns management to facilitate an improvement in marketing ROI.

    Pricing and discounting

    The price is the only component of the mix of marketing which has a direct impact on the revenue. For the sales department, the price means an instrument of the sale. Sales Accelerator allows the sales team to transfer to the customer not only the price but also the information based on value. For this to work, clear rules and responsibilities must be in place around pricing and discounting.

    Proposals and tendering

    Customers want clear proposals which are based on specific benefits and where they can find everything that they have agreed to.
    Positioning yourself in the area of excellence requires that your team can identify the best solutions from the customer’s perspective to create offers that “can’t be refused”.

    Customer engagement – retail

    There are small things that a company can do to increase their customer engagement and if done with precision and determination, sales results will increase exponentially. Based on our framework, we’ll help you create a process that motivate customers and also increase their satisfaction and by doing this we’ll support you in improving how customers are engageed by the sales team through retail channels.


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    Sales Intelligence

    Your sales team can answer certain questions which reveals what is the correct positioning towards the competition and discover customer behavior and market trends. By building an internal intelligence capability monitoring competition, consumer behaviour and industry trends or by leveraging on external support, data based decision making is enabled for steering the sales function

    Sales Benchmarking

    Through custom built and syndicated behchmarking studies, practical insights can be obtained on how sales teams compare to industry best practice.
    Sales Accelerator gives you the matrix that allows your sales team to continuously improve results. This matrix covers all aspects of corporate governance, sales process optimization and sales support. sales performance labs will help your sales Department to focus on what is relevant, both team and individual level. You will be able to interpret data correctly and “”peripheral noise”” won’t prevent you to distinguish what is “”bad”” and what “”good”” for your company.

    Sales-Marketing integration

    Your customers get in touch not only through the sales team but also through other support departments. It is necessary the approach to be the same regardless of the department they communicate with.
    Sales Accelerator takes you in the area of excellence through the alignment of objectives and a reward system integrated between the departments involved. This will grow into a significant competitive advantage abd help raise conversion rates, customer satisfaction and retention of your customers.

    Internal integration: sales-support teams

    Without collaboration between sales and the support teams it’s like having a boat where each member rows in their desired direction. This leads to stagnation, unsatisfied customers and also unsatisfied employees. In this module we will help your company and the departments involved in the sales process to row in the same direction. We do it by helping you design an internal operating model which facilitates communication and collaboration between sales and the rest of the organisation.


    Optimising the use of technology to support the sales and marketing processes through CRM, Business Intelligence, add-ons and plug-in implementations.

    Analytics and modelling

    Analyzing data is simple but creating the blueprint from the data is a process that is much harder. Our team is specialized in taking data and seeing beyond it to create the sales system needed to survive in a changing economy. Good data and excellent modelling are the tools for the future. Are you using them properly?


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