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    The KPI Institute has worked extensively in helping Utilities professionals from around the world to measure and improve their performance. This expertise is comprised in all the Utilities related resources gathered in an exhaustive performance lab.


    The main purpose of our research is to provide you with feedback and information about the trends that are shaping the boundaries of the industry, proposing valuable solutions for performance improvement. The Utilities Performance Labs aims at measuring and raising the efficiency of key operations, customers relations, health and safety of employees as well as reduce, the environment footprint for companies operating in the water, gas or electricity sector.


    Our publications focus in providing in-depth comprehension on performance levels and the utilization of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in the Utilities sector for the readers.


    Our Benchmarking studies aim at helping organizations to better position themselves on the market and assess their performance level in comparison to their competitors. Moreover, they promote a recalibration of improvement initiatives and strategic approaches in order to enable development within the organization.


    The training courses provide a broad collection of training opportunities, that includes strategic planning, performance measurement, utilization of Balanced Scorecard or innovation. All the topics are uniquely tailored according to the characteristics and challenges of the Utilities sector.


    Through the advisory services provided, customized analysis of the Utilities sectors and their related environment will be offered along with benchmarking data, that will provide you the needed tools to implement strategic improvement initiatives and help your organization increase performance.


    The conferences and events organized by the KPI Institute offer the opportunity to professional from around the world to get in contact with other experts, to apprehend best practises, having access to key information and practical case studies relevant for the Utilities sector analyzed.


    The Utilities Performance Labs is a comprehensive facility offering access to all the The KPI Institute’s research outputs generated by working first hand with professionals in the utilities sector.


    Through our researchers’ expertize and flexibility we can provide all our customers with:

    • an unique experience gained from working with a lot of utility companies
    • a tailored approach for your organizations’ own needs
    • objective analysis
    • timely results



    Get in touch with us if you are interested in accessing our utilities sector related resources and expertise.