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December 15, 2014            
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Free webinar - Applied Benchmarking: Best Practices

Benchmarking has been described by experts as "finding and implementing best practices." This webinar brings an insight into how to compare data obtained by studying similar organizational processes or activities and how to identify, adapt and implement the practices that produce the best performance results within an organization. Moreover, participants will be offered benchmarking best practices examples across various industries.
Main topics covered:
  • Benchmarking concept;
  • Benchmarking tools and techniques;
  • Best practices in benchmarking;
  • Examples of benchmarking projects.
Key learning points:
  • Assessment of benchmarking concepts;
  • Understand the tools and techniques of a benchmarking study;
  • Get an insight into benchmarking best practices.

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Strategy Leaders, 16-20 November 2014, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Mihai Toma, Head of Professional Services MENA at The KPI Institute, delivered a one day workshop as part of the Strategy Leaders Saudi Arabia conference.

The workshop focused on explaining the terminology and links between metrics, KPIs and KRIs and how they can be deployed in practice. The presentation covered the subject of utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all organizational levels. To ensure proper knowledge transfer, attendees participated in a case study on cascading KPIs from organizational to departmental and employee level.

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Strategy Leaders, 16-20 November 2014, Doha, Qatar
Paul Albu, Senior Business Research Analyst at The KPI Institute, delivered a one day workshop as part of the Strategy Leaders Qatar conference.

The workshop aimed at helping participants better understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), a must in today's very competitive business environment. The workshop provided participants with an interactive learning environment, offering them the opportunity to apply the theory into practice, through several exercises and a case studies.

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Expo Update

Surveys Data Visualization
Customer Satisfaction
Performance Expo: Customer Satisfaction Survey - California Environmental Protection Agency
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Performance Expo: Balanced Scorecard in Agriculture Industry - Landcorp Farming
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Employee Engagement
Performance Expo: Employee Engagement Survey - The Civil Service
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Strategy Map
Performance Expo: Strategy Map at Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific
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Training Evaluation
Performance Expo: Training Evaluation Form - Media Programme Training
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Performance expo: Edinburgh city council performance dashboard
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Employee Satisfaction
Performance Expo: Employee Satisfaction Survey- Wellness Council of America
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25 Skills for excellent customer service - Infographic
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Newly Published Research Functional Area   Newly Published Research by Industry
New reports proving the most popular 25 KPIs applied in various functional areas.   New reports containing the most popular 25 KPIs used in different industries.
 Top 25 Quality Management
 KPIs of 2011-2012
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 Top 25 Ports
 KPIs of 2011-2012
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Upcoming Training Courses
Scheduled certification courses dedicated to rigorous KPI understanding and practice.

KPI Professional and
Practitioner Certifications
14-18 December 2014
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Completed Training Courses
Premier global certification programs delivered recently.

Sydney, Australia Istanbul, Turkey

KPI Professional
5-7 November 2014
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KPI Professional and
Practitioner Certifications
10-14 November 2014
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Sibiu, Romania Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

KPI Professional
4-6 November 2014
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KPI Professional and
Practitioner Certifications
23-27 November 2014
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In-house Projects
Recent in-house training courses and workshops provided around the world.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,
1001-5000 employees
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
1001-5000 employees

Should you be interested in scheduling an in-house training course, email us at and you will receive a customized offer.

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  KPIs iKPIs KPIs in Practice
  # Time to issue decision for parking tickets appeals Business System Analyst Toyota Motor Corporation

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