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    The KPI Institute’s research portfolio is designed to transform the way organizations approach performance by successfully integrating academic insights and practitioner perspectives in this field.

    With more than 200 publications released so far, The KPI Institute is constantly focused on expanding its research portfolio, whether is about reaching new industries or getting more in-depth into a specific aspect of business performance.

    Our publications consist of insightful know-how, useful to professionals interested in the process of strategic planning, KPI selection, performance measurement, documentation or KPI target setting. The dynamics of performance management as a field of expertise, as well as the latest trends and practices are encompassed into our primary research studies.

    KPI Dictionary Series

    Comprehensive KPI collections that can help you select the most suitable KPIs for your department or industry, understand your KPIs better or find suitable calculation formulas.

    Top KPIs Series

    Annual reports consisting of the most popular KPIs for a specific functional area or industry. The Top KPIs Series cover + 10 functional areas and + 15 industries.

    Toolkit Series

    A collection of pre-populated Microsoft Excel templates that can facilitate the implementation of a performance management system, at corporate or departmental level, both in terms of content (examples of objectives and KPIs for a specific industry or functional area) and system activation infrastructure (data collection template, scorecard/dashboard template).


    Providing a broad range of articles, interviews, editorials and multimedia content, PERFORMANCE Magazine is a valuable online and printed resource, created to keep professionals updated by providing them with the latest news.