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    Sales Transformation

    The word we tend to use when we think about the Sales Accelerator is TRANSFORMATION by building your company’s sales capabilities to sustain growth and enhanced productivity. We give you the possibility to know exactly what you need through the audit procedure, and after the audit is over we will make recomandations based on our SALES ACCELERATOR’s 22 module system that covers every aspect from how you recruit your sales personnel to the performance management system of your sales team to how the sales department is integrated inside your company and what software you use.

    We also can recommend, if needed, a training program to enhace your sales employees competences in technical areas or in soft skills.

    Best Practice Framework

    Our solutions take into account our experience in research, consulting, training and performance measurement so we created a best practice framework, things that are needed to happen for your company to go to the next maturity level

    Excellence Framework

    If your company has all the best practices covered, we can deliver an excellence model to be used to stay ahead of your competition.

    Know How

    Because know how is based on experience, our Sales Performance Labs team has it. Their experience differs from B2b to Retail to Telesales to Online so we got covered the most important sales channels.

    Results oriented

    Because we aim for TRANSFORMATION, our system is practical and is aimed to create long term results.

    Impact opportunities

    Applying best practice and benchmarks to identify valuable opportunities allow you to cover functional gaps.

    Align objectives

    Alignment of objectives will result in a major involvement of each member of your Sales Department within each initiative/project.

    Prioritizing opportunities

    You will be able to identify and prioritizezi those valuable opportunities for you in order to achieve the objectives.

    Sales Performance Labs develops organisational capabilities through Sales Accelerator and can create a change in behaviour at the individual level and thus increasing performance. The transformation will power new changes and this approach, by transforming the sales department will then transform the whole company.


    Capability development process is the effect of best practices, integrated assessment, measuring performance and analyses on Sale Department that Sales Accelerator propose.

    From sales experience

    Experience shared with your Sales Department-best practice, excellence-comes from a vast and solid sales experience.


    Sales Accelerator will develop capabilities as you create a history of their own, such as are practical, applicable to 100% and take into account the specifics of your company.


    Using our performance measuring system you will be able to assess the development of the capabilities defined as relevant for the Sales Department.

    People engagement

    Developing capabilities will lead to improved results and a significant increase in the involvement of each member of your team.