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    Sales Training

    Developing people’s competences has been our goal for years. Our training and coaching programs covers everything from mental preparation, stress management to sales and negotiation techniques, account management skills and sales leadership training and coaching.


    The focus is on the employee and their level of knowledge and engagement. We use this to create a custom made solution for your company.


    Being curious is the first step in learning so our competence development programs aim to do that in all the steps of the process.

    Know how

    Being specialised in rigorous research, our competence development programs are deeply rooted in reality.


    Our courses are delivered by professionals with rich experience in sales and sales management to provide the class with the personal feedback that can make a difference between a good course and an excellent one.

    The training courses are created with one thing in mind: results. We can help your company improve competencies in these areas:

    Business Development

    These courses are designed with the customer focus and desired outcome in relation to it. During the sessions we develop sales competences, so they can manage successfully any sales process in terms of efficiency – effective.

    • Negotiate and achieve your objectives (2days)
    • Efficient B2B sales (2days)
    • Build the solution in B2B sales (1 day)
    • Accelerate sales (retail) (2 days)

    Customer Care

    This course is recommended every community relationships especially communication professionals that offers the chance an objective evaluation methods and also receive clear self for that communication to take place excellent. This training offer clear steps which you can apply to network effectively with anyone.

    • Next level client relationship training (1day)

    Sales Management

    Being a leader is to serve all those who have subordinates, but also vulnerability requires power. This mix is ​​achieved in time through experience and knowledge. Sales Leadership Course was created to combine experience with specific knowledge that can be applied immediately to sales managers job easier.

    • Sales leadership(2 days)
    • Stress management (1day)

    Direct Marketing

    Direct communication is the most impactful way to send a message. These courses give you the tools needed to efficiently and effectively use direct communication in achieving sales targets.

    • Efficient direct marketing campaign (2 days)
    • The art of a sales call (telesales) (2days)