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    Sales Audit

    Using the research and consultancy experience of The KPI Insitute we have developed a framework based on two directions: best practices and excellence. When we analyze best practices we look for processes and procedure needed for optimum functioning. For companies that have a solid background in performance management and have in place a stable environment we check for excellence standards that the top trending companies use in the sales department with great success. To help us in the audit process we will gather as much information (documents and perceptions) needed to have an overview of your Sales Department and its place in your company.

    The most important benefits of an audit:

    1. Discover if your company is losing money because of inefficient Sales Department processes and procedures
    2. It gives you an overview of how your Sales Department is positioned in your company
    3. It gives you data about the areas where you can take measures
    4. It gives you the possibility to make decisions based on an external view of your Sales Department
    5. You have the opportunity to align your Sales Department to the industries best practices and/or excellence standards for better productivity and ROI

    Know how

    Our research and experience helps us know where to look to find the most important information.

    People oriented

    Also we know that information must be based on real life situations and that’s why our assesments take into account your employee’s perceptions.


    It is a known fact that assesments implemented in a wrong way may cause more damage than good so our non-invasive approach paired with good communication will make this process lean and pleasant.

    Communication is key

    We will communicate each step with the employees so they will know what to expect and to understand that this process is meant to help them on their job.