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    Advisory Services

    Performance Management AuditFor Utilities

    The programm refers to assessing the performance management system within the organisations that work in the utilities industry. It onsists of analyzing all the instruments (such as strategy map, scorecard, dashboard,KPI documentation form) and processes
    that create the performance management system. The auditprovides feedback on performance policies, procedures and accountability.

    Strategy Planning Utilities

    Utilities is one of the sectors which is under increasing pressure to change aspects of their organisational culture. Thus, one of the firsts steps which need to be taken is developing a realistic strategy that can guide the steps for achieving success. The service is
    delievered through implementing the following actions: analyzing the current organizational state achieved and the internal documentation relatedto performance, followed by the designing the future state of organization in order to reflect the perspectives of stakeholders. This being done depending on the goals and objectives desired the organizational strategy will be translated into easy-to-follow metrics.

    Performance Measurement System Implementation for Utilities

    This service will enable professionals to improve their current system and develop a state of art Performance Measurement Architecture that not only facilitates the contributions of each organizational area, but also transparently delivers added value for the business.
    In order to implement a performance management system within the organisation the following services will be provided : analysis of instruments in place and processes, strategy review for the organization, specific utilities KPI structure establishment (selection,
    documentation, activation, architure configuration ). Morevover strategy maps, scorecard, dashboards, and portofolio of initiatives will be customized according to the company’s and utilities field particularities.

    Organizational processes mapping and optimization

    Starting by mapping the individual and departmental processes, then focusing on the interconnection between several departments and in the end approaching a holistic processual perspective over the entire organization and the employees involved.It offers clear image of the current work flow by providing visibility over the employee interaction map, the potential bottlenecks and areas that need processual improvement.Based on the information resulted from the analytical process recommendations for process optimization and support on documentaing each procedure will be offered, Each one of the above mentioned services are developed according to the characteristics of utilities industry .

    Performance reporting for efficiency in Utilities

    Performance reporting can be provided as a monthly subscription that includes us gathering, analyzing and reporting data, in real time, during the first months after implementing a Performance Measurement System.
    The purpose is to better understand what are the current needs for developing more accurate and on-time reporting.
    Services provided within this programm imply offering support in gathering data for specific utilities KPI that need to be reported , delievering the overall performance report and recommendations for improving the reporting process.

    Balanced Scorecard Implementation

    The implementation of Balanced Scorecard System down to employee level helps organization to focus on its strategic objectives.
    The service implies the next chronological steps:

    • utilities environmental scan in order to identify the factors that may affect company’s performance
    • describing the desired state of evolution
    • developing a strategy map
    • elaborate scorecards and dashboard for each organizational level
    • fill out the portofolio of initiatives

    Data Analysis Framework implementation

    The service consists of deploying specific analysis techniques to ensure the accuracy, manipulation and communication of data.
    Based on the characteristics of a company that develops its activity in the utilities industry we have develop a set of tools for an efficient data analysis process.
    Thus, by correlating both external and internal variables the implementation of this service provides reliable arguments to pormote certain program and ensure better decision making.
    The program includes developng a data reporting and monitoring framework, implementing industry customized statistical techniques and last but not least data analysis reports .

    Internal Innovation Framework Development

    The innovation system is focused on following various dimensions, like: explore future opportunities, industry perspectives and emerging trends understanding, analysis of the core internal competencies, consumer insights and needs.
    By identifying the premises of innovation within the organization both a Perfomance Innovation System Architecture and a Performance Innovation System Governance will be developed. Moreover the adequate tools for the above mentioned systems will be offerred.
    Besides helping to determine the innovation capabilities by accesing this service, innovation culture will be built inside the company and frameworks for generating new ideas on a constant basis will be implemented.

    Risk and Resilience Advisory

    Power and Utilities companies operate in a fast changing, technology-driven environment, dictated by government regulations, dramatic shifts in energy economics and emerging techonologies. These variables are pushing energy utility companies to rethink their business plan and related risks. Regulatory changes are considered an area of extreme risk for utilities. This service will help utility clients realize their strategic objectives, protect shareholder value and achieve improved profitabiltiy. This will occur by, enhancing internal auditing services for greater performance and mitigating business disruptions. Furthermore, the Risk and Resilience Advisory service provide clients valuable management solutions to minimize and better manage cyber, strategic, IT and operational related risks. The focus of this Advisory service is going to treat primarily the minimization of operational risks, that can be defined as the risk of economic loss that results from inadequate or failed internal processes and changing regulatory pressures.