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    The Utilities Labs are dedicated to assisting professionals from the Utilities industry with analyzing and improving the performance of their companies. Our current state-of-art framework, as well as our expertise in optimizing performance in the Electricity, Gas and Water sectors, are the result of dozens of projects delivered and thousands of resources researched and referenced.


    The KPI Institute was based, with the purpose of providing cutting-edge solutions for every business sector;



    The launch of smartKPIs.com, a platform that now hosts 600+ Utilities KPIs;



    The official release of Top 25 Electricity KPIs of 2011 – 2012, Top 25 Water and Sewage KPIs 2011 – 2012 and Top 25 Natural Gas KPIs of 2011 -2012;



    The official launch of PERFORMANCE Magazine, an online publication that includes of articles on performance related matters of Utilities companies;



    The inclusion of all the research done in the past 14 years in the field under the Utilities Labs.



    The launch of the Key Performance Indicators for Water Utilities- Utilities Performance Benchmarking Report Series 2017, an extensive benchmarking study in the Utilities Industry, which covers 500+ Key Performance Indicators from the Water, Gas and Electricity sectors.