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    1. Comissioned Research Environmental Scan

    The core analysis within this research report provides organizations an overview on: current political aspects which can influence the business environment, national economy evolution in the past years and predictions, social dimension, technology trends, natural environment impact, and last but, not least, legal matters and governance.


    2. Benchmarking

    The Utilities industry is undergoing significant changes driven by shifting power sources to green, renewable energy; implementing complex demand management methods and fundamentally changing the business and customer management model from managing “rate payers” to establishing closer relationships with customers.
    This constantly changing environment requires a deep understanding of the market context before taking any decision. Benchmarking is a useful tool to better understand the business environment and expectations for market leaders. Our benchmarking service can de deployed both as a secondary or primary research study.
    Our benchmarking methodology is comprised of 7 steps:

    • Business understanding
    • Data collection
    • Standardization
    • Data analysis and clustering
    • Data visualization
    • Data accuracy review
    • Report writing.

    3. Publications

    Our library contains publications related to optimizing the performance management system in Utility companies, such as Top 25 KPI series and The KPI Utilities Dictionary.