The KPI Institute has established several strategic partnerships expending its training and educational programs international reach in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.


INTEGERPERFORM is the technology and consultancy arm of The KPI Institute specialized in providing advisory and assistance for performance management system implementation, deployment and automation. INTEGERPERFORM represents The KPI Institute interests at international level, focusing especially on the European and Middle East markets.
Acumen Integrat is an education programs supplier and the training partner of The KPI Institute, authorized to deliver Institute's research, publications and training courses in Romania.


Middle East

IIR Middle East is a leading organizer of conferences, courses and exhibitions in the Middle East region. The partnership with The KPI Institute includes the delivery of training courses and certifications designed according with the Institute standards, as well as media partnerships for IIRME's conferences and exhibitions.
Madinah Institute for Entrepreneurship & Leadership (MILE)is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing leadership capacity and entrepreneurial excellence in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. MILE has partnered with The KPI Institute's to promote and provide its training educational programs in the performance management field in its targeted markets.



UNISTRATEGIC is a key provider of corporate training and public events in Singapore, Malaysia, Northern Asia, as well as Middle East & Africa. As a partner of The KPI Institute, UNISTRATEGIC is providing The KPI Institute's courses and certifications in Singapore.
ZeNith Bizness Excellence is a training and event management provider, promoting and organizing The KPI Institute's courses and certification in the Asia Pacific region.
Alphabet Media is a trade media company specialized in public sector markets in Asia Pacific, promoting The KPI Institute's course offering in Singapore and Australia.



Knewrow Resources Limited is a multi – disciplinary management consulting firm which has been operating for over 9 years, primarily advising and working with oil and gas companies, governments, government agencies and parastatals, tourism sector, multinational companies, small and medium enterprises, and related organizations in Nigeria.

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