Business Simulations

In addition to courses specialized in performance management and KPIs, The KPI Institute is also providing forward-looking experiential learning courses with applicability in areas such as increasing performance and improving decision making.
The simulation character of these courses allows participants to gain knowledge and develop important managerial skills through first-hand experience.

The areas of applicability of these simulations include but are not limited to:

Systems Thinking



Use of Data

Structural Thinking

Performance Management


Resource Management

The simulations offered include:


Friday Night at the ER

3 Key business benefits:

  • Effectively manage change in your organization by comprehending the structures that drive change-oriented behavior and motivation;
  • Improve corporate behavior and culture by successfully recognizing and working with mental models;
  • Enhance your decisional process by understanding the importance and value of information and feedback received from different stakeholders.


3 Key business benefits:

  • Enhance your internal organizational processes by adopting a systemic approach;
  • Share the responsibility for organizational results with your teams by comprehending the implications of the decisions made.
  • Improve the decision making processes in your organization by taking into account data and feedback from diverse stakeholders involved.



Balanced Scorecard

General presentation

The Balanced Scorecard framework is comprised of the interrelationships between four perspectives on a business: Financial, Customer, Internal Business Process and Learning & Growth. Understanding the cause and effect linkages between these four arenas is critical to making effective use of a scorecard in “telling the story” of your organization`s strategy.