Advisory Services

Through our Advisory Team, you have access to a diverse range of services from KPI advisory calls to complex performance management systems implementation spread over 12 different practice areas.

The key segments that compound a competitive business model have been analyzed by our experienced research team so that every professional or enterprise can benefit from customized and resourceful insights and gain a unique competitive advantage.

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Strategy and Business in-house workshops

Strategy and Business in-house workshops are tailored on the client’s needs. The workshops are focused on assessing and understanding the current state of the business, as well as on shaping the desired long-term evolution. To close the gap between the current and desired states, we are going to define together long, medium and short term strategic objectives and facilitate this process implementation across all levels of the organization. This way, you are going to get a clear image illustrating the desired contributions of each functional area and how it impacts the overall strategy implementation.

Organizational processes mapping and optimization

Performance management refers to the collection of practices conductive to analyzing performance results, identifying potential lines of action and establishing corrective initiatives with the aim of achieving better results.

Performance reporting

Your monthly reporting process doesn’t work as smooth as you want? Maybe it is time to ask for some support. Our consultants specialized in performance management will assist you in improving performance reporting.

Performance Measurement System Implementation

This complex project will enable professionals to improve their current system and develop a state of art Performance Measurement Architecture that not only facilitates the contributions of each organizational area, but also transparently delivers added value for the business.

Individual Performance Management System

The Individual Performance Management System is developed as the final puzzle piece to an integrated Performance Measurement System. In practice, the implementation project can be part of the strategy and KPIs cascading process or it can start as an isolated initiative which will be later on connected to the KPI organizational framework.

Balanced Scorecard Implementation

If you want to improve your current level of performance using a clear and concise tool-set, the Balanced Scorecard is the answer. We are here to support you in this Performance Management journey, by developing and implementing the Balanced Scorecard System down to employee level.

Data Visualization Standards Deployment

What makes this service work so well is how we weave all the essential components of the SFERA (Structure, Format, Express, Report and Assess) Model into a concise, succinct and complete process that delivers results every time. After deploying the service both managers and employees will be able not only to create effective and efficient visual representations, but also to introduce, implement and sustain performance reporting tools.

Data Analysis Framework implementation

The ultimate goal of data analysis is to provide valuable information that helps professionals better understand the market and their business, so that more relevant strategic plans are built and better decisions are made on a daily basis. Our consultancy service on data analysis is meant to retrieve essential information from the client’s data sets and make it accessible to his stakeholders.

Benchmarking Studies Development (on demand / syndicated)

The KPI Institute’s benchmarking projects aim at leveraging performance by gathering and analyzing the best practices of measuring performance across different industries. A successful benchmarking service implies high commitment from all stakeholders involved, willingness to share practices, learning from different approaches, the ability to communicate and flexibility to implement improvement initiatives, when possible.

Internal Innovation Framework Development

The innovation framework aims at growing an organization’s innovative potential, through shaping an optimal infrastructure that can enhance the innovation processes. The innovation system is focused on following various dimensions, like: explore future opportunities, industry perspectives and emerging trends understanding, analysis of the core internal competencies, consumer insights and needs.

CS Performance Management System Implementation

Customer Service represents a multidimensional strategic differentiation area. Our dedicated CS analysts are focused on enhancing the value that your Customer Service team adds by using three main approaches: Developing a CS strategy in alignment with the corporate strategic directions; Analyze and improve the internal CS performance management architecture (strategy maps, scorecards, dashboards, portfolio of initiatives); and Improve the CS contribution to revenue growth through upselling.

Supplier Performance System Implementation

Every organization works with several suppliers and inevitably their ability accomplish actions has an impact on the entire supply chain performance. Our approach offers a new perspective that allows you to proactively manage your supplier performance by extending your own performance management system across the supply chain. By involving us, you will be able to manage effectively the supplier life-cycle from one end to the other, followed by the selection and validation of similar strategic objectives measured through KPIs and sharing the real time progress. We support you entering the “customer of choice” league.

Personal Performance Essentials

Nowadays, the importance and benefits of measuring and managing performance within organizations are broadly recognized and supported. However, reaching above organizational limits, recognizing performance-related principles and mastering tools can also be useful for improving individual performance. Starting with a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, followed by family life and leisure activities and finishing off with career planning and continuous learning, these are all essential factors for personal performance improvement.

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