Over the years, we developed a variety of benchmarking studies on business performance and, lately, we have been focusing our efforts on offering commissioned research based on our client’s needs. Our mission is to offer comprehensive and reliable results, that is why our benchmarking methodology encompasses multiple processes.

First we establish the main directions of the study through secondary research, then we facilitate training sessions to ensure that the companies involved in the study follow a standardized procedure in KPIs and data gathering, and we conclude with on-site visits to gain more information on the business processes.

Our benchmarking offer encompasses this methodology, and can be delivered as separate services, customized for the client’s needs, such as:


Secondary Benchmarking Research

A service meant to offer a broad overview upon performance results from a specific industry, highlighting relevant information, such as top performers or industry trends.


Customized Benchmarking Research

A very complex service, which encompasses four different dimensions – planning, data collection, analysis and improvement consultancy – with the aim of analyzing a company’s success.


Commissioned Benchmarking Research

A service based on identifying the best benchmarks for organizations, followed by comparing the performance aspects with the identified benchmark and implementing best practices.