Skills Academy

Besides Certification Courses, The KPI Institute also offers a broad range of Training Programs, dedicated to multiple areas from the performance management field, from KPIs in different Functional Areas and Industries to Change Management and Talent Management.

The courses provide a strong theoretical foundation and a multitude of practical examples, helping participants develop the skills required in deploying and using KPIs.

Our collection of courses is tailored to suit the participants’ needs, depending on the industry or functional area relevant to them.

The KPI Institute’s course pallete:

Performance Management Framework


Integrated Performance ManagementAn interactive, two days’ course, that contains a unique combination of insights gathered from thousands of resources analyzed and 12+ years of performance management experience. It aims at offering participants insights on how to better integrate performance across all levels, from organizational to departmental and individual level.


Implementing and using a Balanced Scorecard System – The content presented in this two days’ training course is the result of dozens of BSC implementations, and is compiled in such manner as to provide participants with both theoretical guidelines and practical insights, to enable them to implement a sound BSC management system.

KPI Framework


Applied Strategy and Business Performance Improvement with KPIs – A three days’ course, that focuses on the 6 pillars needed for a solid Management Framework, like data analysis and reporting, decision making and initiative management, as well as building a performance culture.


Key Performance Indicators Masterclass – A two days’ course which provides insights into key performance trends and practices, by focusing on the most important techniques that can be used in order to ensure a sound, successful performance measurement and management architecture.


KPI Essentials – The training course aims at providing professionals with the key competencies in working with KPIs, such as KPI selection, documentation, data gathering, data visualization, data analysis and reporting. It also focuses on decision making and building a performance culture.


KPI Performance Management Architecture – A two days’ course focused on selecting the right KPIs, as well as optimizing, standardizing and aligning the tools used, in order to maximize the efficiency of and value added by the performance measurement system.

Employee Performance


Building a performance culture – A two days’ course that aims at helping professionals develop the set of competencies needed for developing and nurturing a performance culture, which will eventually provide the desired competitive edge and help the company achieve its goals.


Change Management – A two days’ course that features different approaches meant to help managers and executives in establishing a secure business environment, where changes are processed in a standardized manner, and the company’s resistance is diminished.


Compensation and Benefits – A two days’ course built around the elements that sustain employees’ commitment. The course combines theoretical aspects on increasing employee engagement by implementing a complex compensation and benefits system, with practical.

Implementing Employee Engagement Programs – Gain overview on the current international best practices in employee performance, overcome the most challenging aspects and achieve employee engagement by maintaining and enhancing the engagement projects!


Implementing Succession Management Programs – A two days’ course meant to assist professionals in implementing or optimizing succession management in their organizations. The course focuses on key concepts such as workforce planning, talent pipeline and other essential notions for talent and succession management.


Managing and improving employee performance – A two days’ course that clarifies the key concepts and tools needed for establishing a sound employee performance management system. It focuses on aligning employees’ performance to the departmental and organizational goals, as well as on identifying the factors that influence individual performance.


Team Management – An interactive, two days’ course, that focuses on the steps that managers and leaders should follow in order to increase their teams’ engagement, ensure efficient task delegation and goal setting and nurture high performance.


Talent Management Processes Optimization – This two days’ course aims at helping participants develop the systems and processes related to recruitment, as well as workforce development and retention, in order to implement an effective Talent Management strategy.

KPI Customized – Functional Areas


KPI, Dashboard & Scorecard for HR – This course covers the essential performance management competencies, when it comes to developing and the right processes and tools, customized for the Human Resources department.


KPI, Dashboard & Scorecard for IT – The two days’ course focuses on key aspects, such as KPI selection, documentation, data gathering and reporting, in order to empower professionals to obtain higher performance results in the IT department.


KPI, Dashboard & Scorecard for Logistics – A highly interactive training course, that focuses on the key knowledge and competencies needed in order to implement a KPI Performance Management Architecture in the Logistics department.


KPI, Dashboard & Scorecard for Marketing – This two days’ training course aims at providing professionals with the needed set of tools and techniques in order to implement and monitor KPIs for the Marketing department in the most effective manner.

KPI Customized – Industries


KPI, Dashboard & Scorecard for Call Centers – In Call Centers, monitoring the right KPIs is crucial. This training course offers rich insights into KPI measurement techniques, as well as performance improvement initiatives.


KPI, Dashboard & Scorecard for Financial Services – This course assists Financial Services professionals in implementing the best KPI Framework for their context, in order to maximize the value added by the entire performance measurement and management architecture.


KPI, Dashboard & Scorecard for Hospitality – A two days’ training course focused on key aspects related to Hospitality KPIs, from selection to data gathering and from reporting to decision making.


KPI, Dashboard & Scorecard for Manufacturing – An interactive training course that aims at providing professionals with a broad set of competencies, in order to implement an effective and efficient KPI management framework in for the Manufacturing industry.

Other training courses


Cross-cultural Management – A very interactive course, based on the impact that cultural differences and dimensions have on the organization’s performance. Participants are provided with insights meant to help them nurture development and creativity in environments that encompass multicultural teams.


Strategic Approach to Procurement and Logistics Processes – A two days’ course focused on helping participants acquire the needed set of skills in order to increase the logistics and procurement efficiency, by aligning the systems and processes with the organizational strategy.