Practice domains

The KPI Institute operates research programs in 12 practice domains, ranging from strategy and KPIs to employee performance and from customer service to innovation performance. Insights are disseminated through a variety of publications, subscriptions services and through a knowledge platform available to registered members. Support in deploying these insights in practice is offered globally through training and consulting.

Click on each practice domain to discover our approach, as well as a comprehensive list of the consultancy services offered within each area.

Strategy and Business Planning

Today’s complex, dynamic, less predictable market calls for a different kind of strategy and business planning. Our tailored solutions focus on your company’s unique identity and position in the market, assessing the current state of business and shaping the desired long-term evolution. We go beyond traditional business planning to foster innovation and deliver sustainable competitive advantage.
Our strategy consulting expertise includes:

  • Strategy and Business Audit
  • Strategy and Business Maturity Model
  • Strategy and Business Workshops

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Performance Measurement


We help organizations improve their current Performance Measurement System and develop a state of art Performance Measurement Architecture that not only facilitates the contributions of each organizational area, but also transparently delivers added value for the business.

A broad range of consulting services, meant at providing organisations with customized guidance in developing a state-of-art Performance Measurement capability!

Performance Management

Performance management can be implemented at all organizational levels. Starting by mapping the individual and departmental processes, then focusing on the interconnection between several departments and in the end approaching a holistic processual perspective over the entire organization, we offer a collection of resources and services aimed at ensuring superior results.
A wide array of advisory services, meant at providing organisations with customized guidance in developing a state-of-art Performance Management capability!


Employee Performance


We offer valuable resources, alongside customized consulting, implementation, and training services that can help you better manage and develop your most important resource – your people.
The consulting services are designed to help you align the employees’ contribution to departmental and organizational strategic directions.

Balanced Scorecard Management System

If you want to improve your current level of performance using a clear and concise tool-set, the Balanced Scorecard is the answer. We are here to support you in this Performance Management journey, by providing a wide range of solutions related to the Balanced Scorecard Management System.

The consulting services are designed to help professionals implement and optimize their Balanced Scorecard Management System, in order to get the highest value from it.


Data Visualization


We consider data to be one of the most compelling forms of content. Our services provide the backbone for a powerful set of tools that can transform large amounts of data into effective and efficient visual representations that raise awareness, build commitment and ensure clear understanding.

Our dedicated advisory team provides insightful best case practices and professional support not only to improve your performance in presenting data, but also to enhance the viewer experience.

  • Data Visualization Audit
  • Data Visualization Standards Deployment
  • Data Visualization Workshops

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Data Analysis

The ultimate goal of data analysis is to provide valuable information that helps professionals better understand the market and their business, so that more relevant strategic plans are built and better decisions are made on a daily basis. Our data analysis services are meant to provide guidelines and best practices, as well as to support organizations in understanding their data, processing it and making it accessible to stakeholders.

Our consultancy services help organizations to more effectively use the data at their fingertips through:




A successful benchmarking service implies high commitment from all stakeholders, willingness to share practices, learning from different approaches, the ability to communicate and flexibility to implement improvement initiatives. Our services aim at leveraging performance by gathering and analyzing the best practices of measuring performance across different industries.

Our consultancy services bring a full range of experience and experts to improve performance in implementing and enhancing benchmarking strategies in your own organization.

Innovation Performance

Innovation is one of the most popular acts in business, but one of the hardest to pull off. Our Internal Innovation Framework is the practical executive framework trusted by clients to enable organization-wide product innovation excellence. The innovation system is focused on exploring opportunities, industry perspectives and emerging trends, analysis of the core internal competencies, as well as consumer insights and needs.

We bring a full range of services in order to help you reaching the highest standards in innovation performance.


Customer Service Performance


Customers are the source of real growth. Our dedicated analysts combine in-depth customer insights with practical expertise to help our clients create sustainable growth. We help companies at every stage of growth by developing custom solutions for improving their internal customer service performance management architecture: strategy maps, scorecards and dashboards, portfolio of initiatives.
The advisory services help our clients address key business situations through:

Supplier Performance

Every organization works with several suppliers and inevitably their ability to accomplish actions has an impact on the entire supply chain performance. Our approach offers a new perspective that allows you to proactively manage your supplier performance by extending your own performance management system across the supply chain.

Our advisory services bring expertise to all elements of the supplier performance, including:


Personal Performance


Nowadays, the importance and benefits of measuring and managing performance within organizations are broadly recognized and supported. However, reaching above organizational limits and mastering performance-related tools is essential for improving individual performance. Starting with a healthy lifestyle and physical activity, followed by family life and leisure activities and finishing off with career planning and continuous learning, these are all essential factors for personal performance improvement.

Our advisory services help clients make critical decisions related to personal performance.

  • Personal Performance Essentials
  • Personal Time Management Workshop

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