Tools and systems are key enablers in deploying performance management practices in organizations.

Designed by The KPI Institute experts to support organizations in their performance management initiatives, this collection comprises customizable and adaptable templates pre-populated with relevant data.


Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard represents one of the most popular tools in performance management.
It gradually evolved to become the basis of a performance management system that uses strategic, operational and individual performance plans for communicating, monitoring and improving organizational performance.
Starting from this definition, the KPI Institute has developed its own approach of adapting the Balanced Scorecard model. Based on the Balanced Scorecard’s main components: the Destination Statement, the Strategy Map and the list of structured KPIs, we have created our customized alternative to the Balanced Scorecard tool.

  • A Performance Management System Architecture
  • The Organizational Desired State of Evolution
  • The Organizational Strategy Map
  • Organizational Performance Scorecard
  • Departmental Performance Dashboards
  • Organizational Portfolio of Initiatives
  • Monthly Performance Management Process

Performance Healthogram

Introduced by The KPI Institute, the tool is designed to be used when deploying performance management systems at operational level, measuring the “health” of each entity at organizational level. It can be employed in revealing the root causes of under-performance, being able to track important aspects related to an organizational entity’s capabilities as it reflects the organizational strategy.

  • Prescriptive, used in the same format across functional areas
  • Reflects the organizational entity’s ability to deliver results in the future
  • Trained and motivated staff, working together is a prerequisite of performance.
  • It can be used in the same format year after year


Illustrating a repository of the most relevant KPIs used at organizational level, that reflect the department’s contribution to the overall organizational performance. By combining the use of scorecards and Performance Healthograms with that of the dashboards organizations can now get a fuller picture of strategy implementation, capability optimization and performance at operational level.

  • Descriptive
  • Adapted to the specific needs of each functional area
  • Ensures alignment with the organization’s needs
  • Reflects organizational performance and the achievement of objectives

Employee Performance Templates

Incorporating key tools that will help managers, employees and human resource professional encourage, track and follow up on the individual performance plan.

  • Templates, frameworks, process guides
  • Behaviors & Competencies settings
  • Customization

Performance Management Toolkit

A ready-to-use toolkit, comprising customizable and adaptable templates with a complete set of tools for implementing a Performance Management System. Each toolkit can be edited to match specific industries and functional areas at any organizational level.

  • 7 pre-populated templates
  • Filled in with relevant data
  • Customization