The KPI Institute was established in 2004, in Melbourne, Australia. At that time called eab group, it was designed as a provider of organizational performance management services in Australia, supporting clients mainly through training and advisory services. From the beginning, eab group’ solutions were based on world’s best practice methodologies and frameworks such as Balanced Scorecard, Performance Prism, European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model, Projects In Controlled Environments version 2 (PRINCE2TM) project management method and The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®).



The organization is established in Australia, its first engagement being the implementation of a Balanced Scorecard in the Australian Public Service.


Coordinated the development and integration of a Balanced Scorecard system in the Corporate Infrastructure Services Division at the Australia Post.


Coordinated the implementation of a Balanced Scorecard system, as part of the Value Based Management implementation at the National Australia Bank.


Implemented strategic and operational performance initiatives (a supplier scorecard, a Balanced Scorecard performance management system, portfolio dashboards for PMO) for the Department of Treasury and Finance in Victorian State Government.


Launched the first open training courses series on strategy, performance and Balanced Scorecard related topics, organized internationally.


Launched www.smartKPIs.com, that grew to become the most comprehensive repository of documented Key Performance Indicators available online.


Initiation of a series of research programs, dedicated to strategy, performance and balanced scorecard.


Release of the first in a series of over 100 research publication dedicated to the thorough analysis of KPIs, in accordance with The KPI Institute’s documentation standards.


The official release of the Top 25 KPIs Report series for 2011-2012. The series is based on research conducted through www.smartKPIs.com, which contains over 20,000 Key Performance Indicator examples, making it the world’s largest source of thoroughly documented KPIs.


Launch of the Certified KPI Professional and Certified KPI Practitioner, programs, dedicated to acknowledging expertise in managing with KPIs.


The launch of PERFORMANCE Magazine, an online source of strategy, performance, KPIs and Balanced Scorecard news, interviews and editorial articles.


Inaugurated SE Asia regional office in Kuala Lumpur, organized the first Performance Improvement and KPIs Forum, in Kuala Lumpur and published KPI dictionaries series; Launched a new version of the smartKPIs platform and announced the first Online Certification Course.


As the COVID-19 global pandemic strikes, The KPI Institute responds promptly and redesigns all learning experiences for 12 certification programs to fit the live-online virtual classroom requirements. As of 2020 onwards, the organization provides its certification programs in 3 delivery formats: face-to-face, live online and self-paced.
The KPI Institute certification courses have been accredited by the CPD Standards Office, United Kingdom.


The Global Peformance Audit Unit is formed, as the consulting arm of The KPI Institute dedicated to maturity assessments for strategy and performance management systems. The Integrated Performance Maturity Model is launched, along with a new certification focus on using this model – Certified Performance Management Systems Audit Professional.
The KPI Institute’s training portfolio is extended to 12 certification programs.


The Utilities Benchmarking Series is launched.
The online certification courses portfolio was enriched with new courses.


The Certified OKR Professional course is added to The KPI Institute’s portfolio.
The organization registers +6.000 professionals trained.


Partnerships with The KPI Institute were available for the first time for organizations interested in bringing into their local markets our certification programs.
Launched the Government and Benchmarking Performance Centers which gather all of our research and knowledge in the field in one, dedicated platform for each domain. The KPI Institute launches its first primary benchmarking initiatives for the healthcare sector, as well as other type of primary research studies in the area of KPI usage.
The series Top 25 KPIs were released in a new format as extended editions.


The KPI Institute reaches 10,000 professionals trained worldwide. In addition, the organization launches its first Postgraduate and Graduate programs in Strategy and Performance Management.


The KPI Institute launches its first index report, the Government Services Index Report 2022.


The KPI Institute reaches 25,000 professionals trained across the globe.
In partnership with the Global Performance Audit Unit, The KPI Institute awards the first recognition for maturity level V to a client-organization based on the Integrated Performance Maturity Model Assessment.