Certified Employee Performance Management


The Certified Employee Performance Management Professional and Practitioner Certifications are unique accreditations that endorse you, both for your knowledge and for your skills in managing individual and team performance.
You will acquire the tools and skills required to nurture employee performance, linking their activities to commonly agreed objectives and reflecting their contribution against company’s organizational strategy.

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Foster a culture of performance and increase accountability

88% of Highly Engaged employees understand how job contributes to organization achieving business goals. (Global Workforce Study, Tower Watson, 2012)


International recognition

Obtain premium recognitions for your competencies both as a professional and practitioner, to demonstrate your ability to monitor and improve current employee performance levels in various contexts, in a standardized and effective manner


Improving managerial decisions

Managers and HR Professionals can benefit from reliable data in order to take decisions and minimize the gap between employee expectations and business priorities.


Competitive edge

Global certifications acknowledging the skills acquired in improving performance is proved to be a strong differentiator in the recruitment process

Maintain increased employee engagement and workforce productivity

A high-performing workforce is critical for business success. In a study conducted by Harvard Business Review in 2013, 72% of respondents rank recognition given for high performers as having a significant impact on employee engagement. (The impact of employee engagement on performance- HBR-2013)


Boost performance

Improve performance in different scenarios, from personal to business contexts (organizational and operational performance, process and project management), by reviewing best practices and a sound framework for implementing your development initiatives


The Employee Performance Management Professional and Practitioner training courses are outlined to help professionals design, implement and monitor individual and team performance systems that are aligned with the strategic goals of the company. To ensure a smooth learning experience we offer you toolkits, templates, case studies, good practice examples from some of the most successful organizations worldwide as well as thought-provoking exercises. You will also receive free access to the smartKPIs.com premium content –the world’s largest database of documented KPIs.

C-EPM_Icon_8 Cascade
Certified Employee Performance Management Professional
Module What you’ll learn

1.1 Employee Performance Management System Architecture

  • Understand and apply the Employee Performance Management System Architecture in order to align the organizational strategy with specific and concrete actions

1.2 Employee Performance Management System Implementation project

  • Analyze and prepare a business case in order to implement EPMS in one organization
  • How to prepare an EPMS project plan and address challenges

1.3 Establish performance criteria

  • Cascade objectives and KPI’s to individual level
  • Methods to define and select competencies and behaviors
  • How to design Employee Performance Evaluation Form

1.4 Evaluating employee performance

  • Evaluate individual performance
  • Rate overall individual performance
  • Link performance evaluation results to talent development

1.5 Nurturing Employee Performance

  • Importance and use of different performance enablers
Certified Employee Performance Management Practitioner
Module What you’ll learn

2.1 Employee performance management in context

  • Analyze the impact areas of an Employee Performance Management System in own company
  • Practice using different tools and techniques existing in own company in order to obtain relevant insights

2.2 Decision making – employee related systems and actions

  • Analyze the obtained data from the EPM system in order to adjust the decision making process
  • Better keep track of changes in employee related systems and actions

2.3 Initiatives evaluation

  • How to document  employee related initiatives
  • Life-cycle of an initiative

2.4 Employee Performance maturity level

  • Develop a survey to assess the maturity level of the organization in respect to  employee performance management system applicability


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