At The KPI Institute, we constantly come across new trends and developments associated to performance. Innovation, continuous improvement and our persistent focus on grasping revolutionary concepts and tools guided us towards establishing a complex knowledge center encompassing a variety of resourceful publications dedicated to performance management and KPIs.

The Publications pillar offers professionals multiple periodical series, meant to help professionals either by informing the KPI selection process or by improving their perspectives and knowledge on the performance topic.

Discover the most important categories of publications!

Top KPIs Series

Hundreds of KPI reports, featuring the most popular KPIs from our online database,, divided by functional areas and industries.

KPI Dictionary Series

Comprehensive KPI collections that can help you select the most suitable KPIs for your department or industry, understand your KPIs better or find suitable calculation formulas.

Toolkit Series

A collection of pre-populated templates that can help you improve the existing architecture at multiple levels, as well as support your efforts of implementing a new one.

The Compendium Series

A very wide collection of KPI names, that can inspire the selection process at all levels.

KPIs for Scorecards/Dashboard

Selection of KPIs suitable for performance scorecards and dashboards customized at industry and functional area.


All information and best practices at a glance, with our comprehensive infographics.