Certified Supplier Performance Professional


The Supplier Performance Certification represents an unique accreditation that endorses you both for your knowledge and skills in generating outstanding results in working with your suppliers.
The Certification proves that you have met a set of performance management essential requirements in working with suppliers and you apply its principles, tools and practices.
It provides a structured experiential learning designed to address the inside perspectives of performance in suppliers management, complemented by valuable lectures, insightful individual and group practical applications giving you the right tools and knowledge to select and use relevant KPIs, assess risks and monitor performance of company suppliers.

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Supplier Performance impact and importance

Nearly 70% of enterprises consider supplier performance measuring as “very important” or “critical” to their operations. (Aberdeen Group, The Supplier Performance Measurement Benchmarking Report, December 2002)

Recognition and endorsement

This certification enhances your expertise in managing suppliers and stands as an evidence of strong skills and knowledge in mastering the tools you need to effectively manage suppliers performance.

Make a difference on a highly dynamic market

1.4 million new jobs in supply chain are expected to added by 2018 only in US. (Deloitte, The 2015 MHI Annual Industry Report).

Competitive advantage

Consolidate your company advantage by developing performance based relationships with suppliers and transforming them into strategic partnerships.

Consolidate your strategic role in the organization

The procurement is seen as playing a key role in the organizational performance while shifting towards strategic sourcing. (East Ayrshire Council, Corporate Procurement Strategy 2014-2019).

Boost your career

Significantly accelerate your career progression by earning an international certification from one of the most reputed global organizations active in the field of performance management.


You will acquire a solid overview on the end-to-end supplier relationship process, starting with the internal purchasing needs opportunity evaluation to developing strategic partnerships with key suppliers. Based on the circular flow of the course, you will develop a hands-on approach to manage the performance drivers and effective usage of performance toolkit in generating added value in working with suppliers.

Certified Supplier Performance Professional
Module What you’ll learn

1. Following supplier performance management road map

  • Understand what are the elements of performance management architecture and how can effectively be used to implement and monitor the supplier performance ;
  • How to develop a supplier performance business case by having the internal stakeholders buy – in;
  • How to analyse procurement from a strategic perspective in order to develop and consolidate the company competitive advantage.

2. Managing the suppliers selection process

  • Understand the key aspects of developing selection requirements in accordance to company strategic objectives;
  • How to develop a comprehensive selection criteria while taking into account the Total Cost of Ownership;
  • How to evaluate suppliers proposals using weighted points methods and what are the success factors in becoming a Customer of Choice;

3. Driving performance through contracting and SLAs development

  • How to identify and manage risks associated to contracts development through the use of Key Risk Indicators;
  • What positioning strategies bring more advantages in negotiating with suppliers;
  • How to develop SLA requirements and architecture in order to increase the supplier performance.

4.Implementing and monitoring supplier performance

  • How to effectively select, document and use KPIs in accordance to procurement and company objectives;
  • How to improve your supplier accountability and level of services by developing performance scorecards including specific objectives, KPIs and targets;
  • How to monitor supplier performance through scorecards and dashboards and analysing trends.

5. Generating added value through supplier relationship management

  • Having a collaborative approach to suppliers and building Strategic Partnerships;
  • Setting the right team to govern the supplier relationship;
  • How to perform supplier performance evaluations using multiple methods and instruments.


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