Selecting the most relevant KPIs for each business department represents one of the biggest challenges. Based on our extensive global research experience we have developed a wide-ranging collection of dictionaries and reports that aim to provide the most insightful and relevant Key Performance Indicators used in practice today.

The KPI Dictionary do not only define the indicators, but also contain explicit presentations of the calculation formula for more than 8,000 KPIs. They can be used in the early stages of implementing a performance management framework, in the process of selecting and documenting KPIs, but also to improve an existing performance measurement system. 

  • Research based– compiles 7 years of business research
  • Rigorously referenced– 30,000+ resources were studied
  • Expertise – 20+ researchers and subject matter experts were involved
  • Variety – KPIs examples from 25 different industries and 16 functional areas



The Top KPIs Report series is a synthesis of what is all about: they form an overview of how KPIs are used in practice today, by combining input from the online community with analysis and insights from the Institute research team. A new edition of the Top KPIs Report series is going to be launched by The KPI Institute research division each year.

Types of reports available

Four types of Top KPIs Series are available on

  • Top 20 KPIs of the year – the collection of the most popular 20 KPIs across all functional areas and industries, based on the number of views they received from the community members;
  • Top 10 KPIs of the year – a free complimentary resource containing the most popular 10 KPIs of the year;
  • Top 25 KPIs of the year for Functional Areas – reports containing the most popular 25 KPIs of the year by functional areas;
  • Top 25 KPIs of the year for Industries – reports containing the most popular 25 KPIs of the year by industries.


  • Extensive collections of the most popular KPIs of the year, across various functional areas and industries;
  • Thorough analysis of each KPI according to documentation form and standards;
  • Valuable resources to informing and addressing the year’s performance management and measurement challenges.

A look into the reports

Some of the main sections of the Top KPIs reports are:

  • Section 1: “KPIs…naturally”, an article that sets the context through a discussion on what is old and what is new in the use of KPIs;
  • Section 2: Presents the profile of the community, illustrating membership by role, country, industry and organization size;
  • Section 3: Outlines the taxonomy of functional areas and industries used for grouping KPIs in;
  • Section 4: Introduces the custom KPI documentation form developed by the research team for documenting KPIs. It contains over 30 fields of data, making this the most thorough KPI documentation template in use today;
  • Section 5: Lists the names of the KPI examples in that report, followed by a brief analysis of each;
  • Section 6: Contains the detailed description of each KPI listed in that report, as documented in smartKPIs Premium (the premium content section of