Following its mission to empower the world to achieve performance excellence, The KPI Institute has developed a catalogue of Indexes to support worldwide organizations in their quest to attain performance in their field of activity. Indexes are providing both a general and specific assessment on the organization’s performance status. The Indexes developed by The KPI Institute’s experts, went through a rigorous development process based on their own expertize in the field, valuable expert’s insights, and latest international trends in performance management.  By accessing The KPI Institute’s catalogue of indexes, you will obtain a quick overview on your organization’s performance, underlining the specific areas that need improvement.


Performance Transparency Index

The Performance Transparency Index allows worldwide organizations to assess their level of transparency to the general public. An organization which is transparent about all their undergone activities, has a lot of advantages in terms of a positive public image, respect, a better staff engagement and a superior customer service.

Communication Openness Index

The Communication Openness Index reveals how commenced is an organization in terms of stakeholder’s communication. Any organization can improve their stakeholder’s engagement by establishing an effective and open communication system through which accurate information reaches the desired target.

Sustainability Index

The Sustainability Index underlines the progress of any organization towards achieving a sustainable development. By acknowledging their level of sustainability, organizations can better meet the needs of the future by effectively balance economic, social and environmental objectives in the present decision making process.