The KPI Institute provides hardware solutions for professionals that are interested in performance management and measurement making sure that all the products are designed to meet high quality standards.

We are providing three different types of solutions that relate with customer satisfaction:


Service tracker

A static question or survey displayed hardware solution, which helps in building an insight-driven organization. Receiving real-time customer feedback on the provided services quality levels, immediate steps can be taken towards a sustained performance.


Queue Management System

This product’s aim is to help organizations in improving their performance in different business areas. Its role is not only to focus on managing customer queues and providing with general information, but also to commercialize and improve sales. Its customizable software system interface allows us to be responsive to your unique business needs.


Led Display Management Systems

A complex management system which helps organizations in managing their customer queues, avoiding unpleasant situations and the failure of the business caused by dissatisfied customers. Due to the transparency of the system, including ticket printing, queue length and time monitoring, achieving a higher level of customer satisfaction is guaranteed.