In-house Training

The KPI Institute’s Training practice offers a range of courses both open to the public and in-house.

We use proven learning models to develop materials that are customized to our clients’ needs. We also provide best of breed templates and best practice learning from basic to advanced levels. Training materials include embedded tools and methodologies and are adapted to the environment in which client companies operate, to maximize their relevance.

Our courses are stimulating, well designed and delivered by trainers with significant experience. In addition to the practical knowledge gained on each course, participants practice their skills on situational examples inspired from the industry or real live scenarios they bring to the course.

Should you be interested in scheduling an in-house training course, email us at [email protected] and you will receive a customized offer.



  • Active involvement of all the participants in a collaborative learning environment where opinions and experiences are shared;
  • Group discussions, exercises and case studies;
  • Explanation of the theory informing performance measurement, in plain English;
  • Presentation of simple Microsoft Office based templates as tools to support the integration of performance management practices in organizations;
  • Customized feedback regarding the present use and the future plans for implementing performance management systems in organization.

Templates included with the course material:

  • Performance Management System Architecture;
  • Desired State of Evolution template;
  • Strategy Map template;
  • Scorecard template;
  • Dashboard template;
  • Initiative portfolio template;
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) documentation;
  • Initiatives documentation template;
  • Initiatives selection;
  • Monitoring performance process.

Participant profile and background

These courses are relevant for specialists that:

  • Use or planned to implement a structured performance management system in their organizations at either strategic, operational or individual level;
  • Are interested in optimizing the organizations performance and the position in the market;
  • Aim to understand the complexities of using performance management tools, techniques and processes. from both a technical and human perspective;
  • Have an interest in developing organizational performance management and measurement skills easily applied in practice;
  • Are interested in improving the clarity and the structure of the activities they develop.
  • Plan to grow to a new level of organizational maturity

The courses are addressed to owners, executives, managers, directors, coordinators and analysts interested in improving the performance of their organization at either strategic, operational or individual level, regardless of their background.