With more than 15 years of experience in the business performance field, The KPI Institute now brings its insights and best practices closer to you through the e-Learning Certification Programs.

Our extensive certification programs support professionals to develop knowledge and skills, and received international recognition for key competencies such as strategic planning, performance measurement, employee performance management, OKRs usage and data analysis.

Moreover, the eLearning certifications are accredited by CPD Standards Office, United Kingdom, providing 40 continuous development points for each course.

Our collection of online courses is designed to offer a flexible and more efficient learning experience, enabling you to learn when, where and how you want. Choose online, self-paced courses with 24/7 access.

Certified KPI Professional – Online Course
This online training course embeds more than 10 years of research in the field of key performance indicators and relies on best practices identified in the real business environment. You will acquire knowledge on your own pace and learn how to face the most challenging aspects of working with KPIs.

Certified Data Analysis Professional – Online Course
This course provides perspective into this complex, fast-moving field by equipping you with the necessary concepts and tools needed to perform statistical and analytics reporting activities, in order to generate value out of the existing data.
Certified Performance Management Systems Audit Professional – Online Course
This educational program presents a rigorous approach to diagnosing and auditing the maturity of performance architectures for 5 capabilities: strategic planning, performance measurement, performance management, performance culture and employee performance management. It involves the use of a proprietary Integrated Performance Maturity Model Framework with the scope of mapping maturity gaps and identifying a set of next actions that will ensure the progression to the next maturity level.

Certified Benchmarking Professional – Online Course
An innovative online course, that aims at defining and improving those practices that lead to a high-level performance. It contains a comparative analysis on the organization’s performance against its competitors’, followed by identifying the strengths and weaknesses, and building superior procedures.
Certified OKR Professional – Online Course
This online training course embeds a complex research in the field of the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) System and relies on best practices identified in the real business environment.

Certified Employee Performance Management Professional – Online Course
This online training course is a great opportunity to access the best practices in the field of employees’ performance and to acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence to create an environment where employees can thrive and successfully contribute to the organizational performance.
Certificate in AI for Business Productivity – Online Course
This online training course helps enable professionals to harness the power of AI to not only streamline tasks and save valuable time, but also enhance the quality of work and outputs. Learn at your own pace, gaining valuable insights into the latest NLP AI tools and best practices for practical application in various contexts.