Comprehensive advisory services, meant to provide an objective assessment of different capabilities within an entity (organization, division, department or team). Audit services rely on 3 key instruments:

  • The capability Maturity Model
  • Internal Documents Analysis
  • Interviews with Key Stakeholders

Discover our Audit services, available on different practice domains:

Audit 01-min

Performance Measurement Audit

A comprehensive service, which assesses the Performance Measurement capability, by comparing it with best practices in the fields. It relies on a questionnaire, followed by a document analysis and stakeholders’ interviews. The final output is The Performance Measurement Audit Report.

Audit 02-min

Performance Improvement Audit

An assessment of the Performance Improvement capability, based on a questionnaire, document analysis (KPI lists, reports, dashboards or data gathering tools), as well as on interviews with the key stakeholders. The Performance Improvement Audit Report represents the final output of the service.

Audit 03-min

Balanced Scorecard Management System Audit

An evaluation of the Balanced Scorecard System capability within the entity (organization, division, department or team), based on the same three elements – the Maturity Model, documents analysis and interviews, and finalized with the Balanced Scorecard Audit Report.

Audit 04-min

Benchmarking Audit

A comprehensive service, meant at assessing the current level of the Benchmarking capability within the entity. A Benchmarking Audit report is presented as a final step, placing the entity within one of the 5 levels of maturity: Initial, Emergent, Structured, Integrated or Optimized.

Audit 05-min

Customer Service Performance Audit

An assessment of the Customer Service capability, in terms of internal processes and procedures, as well as different instruments used by the organization. It can include observation visits, alongside interviews with the clients, and the final output is the Customer Service Performance Audit Report.

Audit 06-min

State of Employee Performance

An in-depth analysis of the Employee Performance capability, focused on the efficiency of the instruments used, the individual objectives’ alignment to the organizational and departmental ones, as well as on a thorough analysis of different internal documents and interviews with stakeholders. The final output consists of the Audit report and a follow-up plan.

Audit 07-min

State of Organizational Innovation Audit

An assessment of the organization’s innovation system maturity level, realized by analyzing internal processes and practices against best practices in innovation performance. An Audit Report is presented, as a final step.

Audit 08-min

State of Supplier Performance

An Audit service meant at assessing the processes and tools used in monitoring and evaluating suppliers’ performance. It focuses on the tools’ efficiency, on identifying the gaps between expectations and suppliers’ actual performance, as well as on ideas for improving the client-supplier relationship. An Audit report is drafted, and a follow-up plan is compiled in the ending.