Performance Management is not a one-size jacket that suits every organization. As soon as we managed to understand that success lays under our ability to highlight particularities and address them through innovative practices, we developed The KPI Institute’s Performance Centres, dedicated to each specific industry.
The KPI Institute Performance Centers represent a valuable communication channel through which all research findings, events, news and advisory support are disseminated.

Our Centers


For more than 14 years, our members have been helping Local and State Governments from all around the world in their endeavors of measuring and improving performance at all levels. All of The KPI Institute’s Government related resources, in one comprehensive research center!


The Center for Performance Benchmarking is the go-to place for professionals interested in enhancing their internal Benchmarking capabilities, as well as in improving their organisational performance with thorough research and rigorous comparisons.

Stay tuned for the next Performance Centers!