This service supports any organization in discovering their customers, in assessing their suppliers and in administering in-house surveys or employee assessments in a timely and cost-conscious manner through maintaining the results’ objectivity and confidentiality. Experienced staff is ready to assist you with a full range of services: design your questionnaire based on specific needs and experience, handle all related communication, process the data, analyze results and produce general or custom reports which examine the output, offering recommendations and best actions.


Employee assessments

The Employee assessments are designed to measure levels of competence and measure employee satisfaction in general and specific areas. Examples include employee satisfaction surveys targeting personal satisfaction, job-specific satisfaction, satisfaction with company goals, satisfaction with organizational performance, or assessments of basic competence levels in specific job roles (e.g. accounting knowledge, customer satisfaction practices, procurement essentials).

In-house surveys

The In-house surveys are designed to cater for different specific needs in an efficient, time-saving and professional way. Examples can include stakeholder surveys, in-house assessments of specific types of expertise (e.g. knowledge of open-source software and licensing requirements), competence area main features, and any other targeted needs that do not fall in any other categories, for which input is required from employees and managers.

Market research surveys

The Market research surveys focus on the gathering and analysis of market data, such as consumer preferences, market trends related to the prices and the presence of competing products. Its purpose is to provide business managers with insights about their target customers, such as how much money they spend on certain types of products, whether they use competing products and their level of interest in new products.

Customer satisfaction surveys

The Customer satisfaction surveys represent a highly effective method of gaining feedback from companies’ customers whether they are happy or satisfied with the received products or services. They can also play a vital role in measuring, managing and improving customer loyalty.