A micro-certification is a niche course, targeting the development of one skill or competency in a specific area of expertise. These training courses offered by The KPI Institute are different from its Certifications Programs from several perspectives:

* No pre-course and post-course assignments;
* Shorter course duration;
* No Certification Exam;
* The micro-credentials obtained can be used when enrolling to a Certification Program in our portfolio.

Certificate in Strategy Planning Maturity Assessment
This course will help professionals identify the weaknesses and strengths of strategy planning frameworks using a maturity model assessment. Participants will develop the necessary skills to act as advisors for improving strategy formulation practices in organizations.

Certificate in Performance Measurement Maturity Assessment
The micro-certification is focused on building the skills to assess KPI usage practices and enhance the performance measurement framework in organizations. Professionals will be able to conduct a maturity assessment and propose improvement recommendations.
Certificate in Performance Improvement Maturity Assessment
This training course looks into the assessment of processes specific to strategy execution like performance reporting, decision-making and initiatives management. The learning experience is developed around a performance management maturity model, which managers will get to use to identify the maturity of their practices and the best ways to move forward.

Certificate in Employee Performance Management Maturity Assessment
Human Resources Specialists involved in managing employee performance will find this training useful as it captures the specific characteristics of Employee Performance Management Systems on a 5-level maturity scale. Professionals will be able to drive changes in current employee performance review practices by developing explicit roadmaps for improvement.