At The KPI Institute, we understand that business strategy is a constant, evolutionary process and we are here to offer you the insights for reaching the desired level of performance, consolidate competitive advantage and differentiate yourself to competitors.

The overall planning and approach to project requests is based on TKI Performance Framework, which can integrate, depending on client specific needs, elements of external business excellence systems such as EFQM, BSC or Baldrige. This goes hand in hand with our expertise on 12 key practice domains.

The KPI Institute provides the support, professionals need in order to explore what drives value for the organization and what is the best way to measure the achievement of objectives. Guidance is offered through specialized workshops where all key stakeholders are involved in order to develop a rigorous and comprehensive solution that will set the organization on the road toward improving performance.


A characteristic of TKI projects is to leverage on our core research capability to understand the context and provide fundamental solutions. Secondary data from TKI’s knowledge base can be used, along with primary research conducted by the project team.

Our purpose is to deliver not only consultancy services, but also to develop a relevant learning experience which will be transferred into practice through a set of workshops, presentations and direct engagement with stakeholders to assure a common level of understanding and gain the right competences to achieve the desired outcomes.

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