Reaching globally, The KPI Institute Events represent a learning & sharing platform that brings professionals new opportunities to develop their career, interact within The KPI Institute’s community corner, share knowledge and capitalize potential. At the same time, it allows us to stay in touch with our clients and build new worldwide strategic partnerships.


Our conferences, forums, summits bring together thought leaders and high skilled professionals ready to gain knowledge on subjects like Strategy & Business Planning, Performance Management & KPIs, Benchmarking, Customer Service or Employee Performance.

Executive Events

We always strive to offer our clients the chance to network and share trends & developments, best practices and innovative solutions while approaching subjects of major interest that can take them a step closer to reaching organizational excellence.


Strategy and Performance Excellence Conference

This event was designed to develop an optimal organizational strategy to direct the necessary steps in achieving excellence in today’s challenging and uncertain business environment. On first two days, industry leaders will present case studies, tools and best practices on critical aspects related to how organizations can improve their systems, people and results. On the last day, you can register for one of the professional workshops that will expand your skills and knowledge for better performing in your current role.

This event is designed for professionals ranging from CEOs and Chief Strategy Officers, preoccupied with generating, implementing and improving the business plan, to Strategy Managers and Heads of Departments, involved in executing the strategy and continuously improving performance.

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Performance Improvement and KPIs Conference


The conference was designed as an interactive learning and communication platform, where performance management, alongside performance measurement practitioners can broaden their perspective on the matter.

The event is mainly designed for professionals such as CEOs, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Transformation Officers, Chief HR Officers, Chief People Officers, Directors, Vice Presidents, Heads of Departments, General Managers, Senior Managers, Project Directors, Performance Advisors.

2 locations in 2016:

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 17th – 20th of October 2016
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 8th – 9th of November 2016

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Strategy & Balanced Scorecard Conference

The most insightful event designed to enable professionals rethink their business strategy and achieve organizational excellence in today’s challenging environment.

This event targets professionals such as: CEOs, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Transformation Officers, Directors, Vice Presidents, Strategy Managers, Senior Vice Presidents, Heads of Departments, Corporate Strategy Analysts, Strategy Advisors.

1 location in 2016

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 20th – 27th of May 2016

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HR Performance Forum


Become a top-notch professional and improve your business performance by grasping the latest trends and best practices on performance appraisal, employee engagement, performance evaluations and more!

The event is designed for both business leaders who are primarily responsible for delivering results, as well as for HR and strategy professionals, who are the architects of effective employee strategies.

1 location in 2016

Jakarta, Indonesia, 16th – 17th of March 2016

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Performance & KPI Executive Evenings

Improve performance. Maximize results. Drive innovation

The purpose of the Performance & KPI Executive Meetings is to explore and discuss challenges and trends in Organizational and Employee Performance.

This is a unique concept of events, which allows top executives to share their expertise and knowledge with each other for the benefit of their organizations.

Key topics

  • Organizational Performance Improvement and KPI Trends;
  • Challenges in working with KPIs and Performance management;
  • Understanding Key Performance Indicators;
  • Educational perspectives for performance professionals – Certified KPI Professional Preview.

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