Building a strong foundation begins with a great partnership. At The KPI Institute, we value our business partners and the important role they play in supporting our development.

The KPI Institute Partner Program has a win-win approach, that includes programs and activities centered around three key business components.


Our partners have the unique advantage of selling and delivering the world’s most comprehensive training on KPIs selection, documentation and reporting, a result of our research in performance management system implementation.

The KPI Institute offers the opportunity to choose the most suitable Partner Program, in order to achieve the organisation’s desired level of performance.


The first launched Partnership Program by The KPI Institute, which proved its success by enabling organizations to grow their business in their geographical area. In order to achieve performance improvement, we assist your organisation starting from know-how transfer, to marketing and technical support.


One of our newest initiative aims to grow performance by licensing professionals worldwide. If you have outstanding presentation skills, just submit your application. The next steps consist of setting up the program, becoming a Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner and proving your training skills and competencies gained during this process.


If your experience is oriented more towards the consulting area, we consider that this program suits your needs best. After becoming an Accredited Training Provider and validating your consultancy skills, you can increase your facilitating experience by co-delivering a PMS implementation workshop. Your invested time and hard work will be awarded.


After you decided on the program that better suits your needs, please hit the button below to access the form, write in the data and submit your application.

If you need assistance in choosing between our Partnership Programs, feel free to contact us.