Sector Expertise

One of The KPI Institute’s widest range of consulting services represents the Sector Expertise, because besides analysing a specific sector and its developing practices, it offers professionals a more complete overview over its economic disposition and connections. This general, yet complex perspective can encompass several industries and it enables a better understanding of the role that a certain company can play on a bigger scale. This way, our consulting solutions create the best strategic, operational and processual initiatives, beneficial to maximizing enterprise value and accelerating growth.

Governmental Organisation

Case study


Sector: Labor
Staff: 10,000+
Functional area: Interdepartmental
Industry: Governmental
Country: Saudi Arabia
City: Riyadh

The Ministry of Education (MOE) is the governmental authority responsible for overseeing the educational system in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The main goals of the institution are:

– To ensure education services are available to all citizens of learning age.
– To implement projects that relate to building the right infrastructure.
– To constantly improve curriculum and upgrade the general education system.


Acknowledge the best practices in terms of working with Key Performance Indicators;
Improve current level of expertise of key staff in managing performance;
Gain practical experience on how to approach the implementation of an effective performance management system.


Extensive educational program customized for the governmental authorities: Certified KPI Professional and Practitioner.


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Non-Governmental Organisation

Case study


Sector: Public
Functional area: NGO
Industry: Administration
Country: Indonesia
City: Jakarta

The Asian Productivity Organization (APO) is a nonpolitical, nonprofit intergovernmental organization aimed at promoting bilateral and multilateral alliances among NPO members for collaboration in productivity-related activities for mutual benefit. APO is a leading international organization which actively enables economies within Asia and The Pacific to be more productive and competitive.


Clarifications regarding productivity measurement;
Understanding advanced concepts on productivity;
Practical exercises on cascading objectives, KPI applications and calculations.


Productivity measurement in the construction industry;
Differences between productivity measurement in Indonesia and internationally;
Productivity measurement for individual cost centers and for areas without direct output (support functions).


Private Organisation

Case study


School category: K-12
Staff: 500+
Functional area: Interdepartmental
Industry: Education
Country: Lebanon
City: Beirut

SABIS provides K-12 education services on 4 continents, 15 countries and reaching around 65,000 students. The organization is headquartered by 3 corporations locates in United States of America, Lebanon and United Arab Emirates.


Gain more clarity around best practices in developing a performance management system;
Develop competencies in managing performance of staff members;
Restructure the current performance management system to support strategy
formulation, decision making and efficient management of everyday operations.


Guidance and assistance in implementing an integrated performance management architecture at corporate, regional, school and individual level.