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At The KPI Institute we are all about performance, striving for it, achieving and improving it. It’s the key solution that we’re looking for, the best practice, the right measurement tool, the best person for a job! We want dynamic, results-oriented people who can solve challenging problems. Our team is more than happy to offer all the support and guidance for you to smoothly blend in and become a key staff member!

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Expand your horizon The KPI Institute is looking for young, dedicated entrepreneurial and intellectually curious people! Be bold and open, learn something new every day and embrace change- this is the kind of attitude we are looking for. Besides your professional background, experience and skills, the best match also relies on perspective, interest, and enthusiasm!
Embrace an intense learning experience At The KPI Institute, people are making the best of every experience and since we are famous for the research and educational programs in the field of performance management, learning does not only refer to the course’s participants, but also to our team, the people who make it possible. Therefore employees are given the best opportunities to explore, work and engage in new projects and experiences.
Enjoy the flexibility of a dynamic workplace If you want to be part of a workplace culture that allows you to express yourself freely and work with confidence, The KPI Institute is the right place for you. Being fond of dealing with multiple tasks, taking over new projects, adapt to new situations, successfully overcome challenges and generally evolve within a progressive environment, you are the right candidate for us!
Approach your activity proactively A young team with a hands-on approach, ready to see challenges as development opportunities, positive and success oriented attitude, working with fun and enthusiasm – this is what you’ll find when entering one of our four offices located in Melbourne, Sibiu, Kuala Lumpur or Dubai. And this is what we expect from you! We expect creative thinking and involvement from everyone, in every department, every day- this is what makes us go forward. Every time!

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Employee Stories

I joined the European Division on February 2013. At that moment, I was a Business Research Analyst and since then, The KPI Institute and I have grown rapidly. Hard work and strong commitment helped me advance and today, I am the Head of Strategy and Performance. I am in charge of maintaining functional the Performance Management System implemented in the organization. This position involves being goal-oriented, analytical and sociable.

Andreea Vecerdea
Head of Strategy and Performance Office

andreea vecerdea
Javier Rocha
I came to work for The KPI Institute after years of collaborating with international organizations around the world. It is always a great adventure to travel and discover new cultures, as well as talented, young people. What I like the most is that The KPI Institute empowers designers and encourages us to create original visuals for the organization. On any given day, you may find me designing brochures, magazines, website pages or brainstorming new ideas.

Javier Rocha Robles
Head of Graphic Design

I always wanted to work in an environment that constantly challenges me. From my first days within The KPI Institute, as a Business Research Analyst, I realized I am in the right place. I received great support in developing my competencies, therefore I chose to study abroad for 6 months. Today I work as a Talent Development Specialist, as I’ve been given the opportunity to practice within my field of study. The KPI Institute is not a place that sets limits. There is a lot of chance for career growth, if you are willing to take advantage of new opportunities.

Ramona Gligorea
Talent Development Specialist

Ramona Gligorea

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Manager Digital Marketing
The role would suit a strong senior digital marketer with solid experience across all areas of digital marketing and communications.

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Digital Marketing Specialist
The scope of the role will cover content generation, digital campaign management, aspects of digital PR, online brand awareness and social media platforms.

Partnership Manager
You will be responsible for developing a database with partners in over 25 countries and to maintain a close relationship with all partners.

Customer Service Specialist
A Customer Service Specialist deals with all kinds of customer questions, suggestions and complaints, so good communication skills are a must.

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Publisher & Editor Specialist
Your role will be to support the planning, development and execution of an online magazine and to generate content for online and printed magazines, including interviews and articles based on research

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Finance – Economist
The Economist will be responsible for accounting and payroll services.


Business Development Specialist
You will be responsible with generating leads for the organization’s products and services in order to establish and develop long-term business relationships. You will contact customers to present the benefits of our customized events.
Office Manager
The Office Manager provide logistical and administrative support on a daily basis, including educational programs support.

Chief Operating Officer
The Chief Operating Officer (COO) will oversee the design, implementation, reporting, improvement and oversight of the organization’s financials, operations, human resources and compliance.

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Business Research Analyst
You will be responsible with KPI research and documentation, as well as reports editing and publication at international level. You will write articles on performance related topics, develop and/or deliver training courses.

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Junior Recruiter Specialist
The Junior Recruiter Specialist will handle end-to-end recruitment processes for various positions open within the company.

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Marketing Specialist
You will be an integral part of the development and execution of marketing plans to reach targets from brand awareness to product promotion.

Marketing Specialist, Conferences and Industry Events
Your role will be to identify opportunities within trade shows and events for future potential events, partnerships, sponsorships.

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Graphic Designer
Your role will be to support sales and internal departments concerning graphic and design projects.

Customer Engagement Specialist
The Customer Engagement Specialist position requires excellent English, selling and people skills and ability to coordinate large campaigns for promoting the companies training courses.

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Event & Office Administrator
Your role will be to provide administrative support to professionals, either as part of a team or individually.

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UX Project Manager
Your role will be to coordinate the generation and launch of new websites / the optimization and relaunch of existing websites.

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Data & Insights Specialist
Your main activity will be to manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM database and to offer support to other departments for workflow optimization.

Instructional Design Specialist
Your role will be to contribute to the improvement of the webinar delivery practices, training courses materials review and online courses development management.

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Educational Programs Specialist
A Educational Programs Specialist will be responsible for planning and implementing annual training agenda.

Sales Performance Consultant
The scope of the role is to help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance.

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Cost Optimisation Consultant
The scope of the role is to help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance.

Web developer
A Web Developer will be responsible for the coding, innovative design and layout of our website.

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Benchmarking Specialist
A benchmarking specialist will be appointed to act as a researcher and content developer in order to expand The KPI Institute projects database and enrich the content from a benchmarking perspective..

Management Consultant
A management consultant will be appointed to act as a former responsible and content developer in order to deliver and expand the TKI resources in terms of coursers and enrich the existing and targeted courses content of The KPI Institute.

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