Building a rigorous and effective Performance Management & Measurement Architecture

Through this 5-webinar series, we aim to tackle some of these challenges and set the blueprint of what it means to design a solid performance management & measurement architecture!

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Understanding the role of Performance Management & Measurement Tools

Our first episode tackles the difference and discrepancies that occur between performance measurement and management, specific terminology and what tools can be integrated with the BSC.

The relationship between Strategic Objectives, KPIs and Initiatives

In our second episode, we define SMART objectives, elucidate the intricate meaning of understanding proper naming standards and examine a case study.

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Overcoming KPI Selection challenges: Applying KPI selection techniques

In our third episode, we focus on the most important guidelines to follow when selecting Key Performance Indicators for Strategic Objectives and efficient KPI selection techniques.

The importance of documenting KPIs: Governance, Accountability and Buy-in tips

In our fourth episode, we question the purpose & benefits of KPI documentation, learn how to design a KPI documentation form and discuss the topic of KPI documentation governance.

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key features

The KPI target-setting process: Should we use weights or not?

In our fifth and final episode of the series, we explore the most common pitfalls when engaging with KPI target-setting sources, how often should we set KPIs and whether target-setting weights are useful.