Frequently Asked Questions

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About kpiinstitute.org

What is kpiinstitute.org?

kpiinstitute.org is the corporate website of The KPI Institute Pty. Ltd., a research organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

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What can I find on kpiinstitute.org?

In addition to the company and its services presentations, you can find here insights, resources and the latest news on performance improvement.

Discover The KPI Institute’s Knowledge Center.

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The KPI Institute’s online store for performance related books, templates, training courses, consulting services and solutions.


The KPI Institute’s online database of Key Performance Indicators.

Research Library

The KPI Institute’s library for performance related research.

Account Generation

How do I register to The KPI Institute?


Any individual can join us by clicking on the “Login Register” link at the top of the Marketplace website’s page and become a free Community Member. Upon creating this type of membership, a free Preview subscription to smartKPIs.kpiinstitute.org is also activated.

What are the benefits The KPI Institute can offer me by registering?

  • A faster checkout process on our Marketplace
  • Direct download of all our free publications on our TKI Research Library
  • Preview subscription on smartKPIs, our platform for performance measurement knowledge integration


What does The KPI Institute Membership mean?

By choosing a TKI Membership, you will benefit from all of The KPI Institute’s research resources, analyst support and Premium access to our online platform smartKPIs.com, along with event discount and customized secondary research.

Choose to compare your Membership benefits and the right plan for you here.

Other questions

How can I contact The KPI Institute?

Via this page: Contact us.