Certified Personal Performance Profesional


For more than 10 years, The KPI Institute has set standards in measuring and managing performance, offering solutions for improving performance through the use of Key Performance Indicators. Today, The KPI Institute serves thousands of professionals worldwide and positively responds to personal and professional needs of individuals.

The Personal Performance Professional Certification is an accreditation that endorses you both for the knowledge in improving performance outside working hours and for the usage of a sound personal performance framework, meant to offer clarity and control over your daily life.


People who set personal goals earn more money

Earn more by establishing clear directions! According to a Harvard study, people who express their goals in writing tend to achieve them and earn 10 times more than the other ones combined. (Mark McCormack, What they don’t teach you at Harvard Business School).

Recognition and Endorsement

Obtain a premium recognition for your ability to monitor and improve your personal performance in a standardized and effective manner

Over 1000 professionals certified by The KPI Institute

Join the 1000+ professionals who have been acknowledged for their performance improvement expertise!


Achieve a deep understanding of your current and future directions and contribution, by establishing your life purpose, mission, vision, values and goals

Our expertise in numbers!

Benefit from The KPI Institute’s expertise, gained by delivering training courses to more than 2,500 professionals from 40 countries!

Boost your performance

Improve your personal and professional performance, by receiving good practices and a sound framework for implementing your self-development initiatives.


This course is designed as a three-day interactive program that will help you understand personal performance. It first focuses on explaining the benefits, then on clarifying the process of measuring personal performance and, finally, on identifying ways to boost your performance outside working hours. To ensure a smooth learning experience we offer you toolkits, templates, case studies, good practice examples, as well as thought-provoking exercises. You will also receive access to the smartKPIs.com premium content- the world’s largest database of documented KPIs.

Certified Performance Performance Professional
Module What you’ll learn

1. Self-envisioning

  • Why is self-envisioning important ?
  • Define your life purpose, personal mission and vision;
  • Determine and select your personal values;

2. Understanding the Well-being Areas

  • Physical performance best practices
  • Social performance best practices
  • Emotional performance best practices
  • Spiritual performance best practices
  • Professional performance best practices
  • Financial performance best practices
  • Work-life balance best practices

3. Generating a benchmarking plan

  • Set effective goals;
  • Measure their attainment;
  • Generate action plans;

4. Understanding Personal Performance Enablers

  • Use gadgets and apps to gather performance related information;
  • Generate value from the information gathered.

5. Improving personal perfomance

  • Create efficient To-do lists;
  • Prioritize actions according to the value generated;
  • Overcome procrastination;
  • Manage information properly: physical and electronic formats;
  • Improve your communication skills: assertiveness, listening skill and conflict resolution.


View our course agenda, dates, locations and pricing options, by visiting the course certification page.


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