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This exclusive webinar, meticulously crafted for leaders, strategists, and innovators like you, will navigate through the crucial findings of "State of Strategy Management Practice Report 2023" - a comprehensive research study conducted by The KPI Institute, which echoes the voices, challenges, and tactics of organizations across the globe.

ABOUT COURSE What Will You Discover?


In-depth Insights
Discover key findings from the research report, unveiling the pulse of current and future trends in strategic planning, measurement, and execution.


Expert Narratives
Engage with our seasoned strategy and performance management expert, offering you actionable advice to overcome challenges and bolster organizational practices.


Interactive Dialogue
Participate in a rich, collaborative Q&A session and get expert insights on your topics of interest


Amidst a sea of strategical frameworks and performances modulations, aligning your organizational strategies with validated global insights can be the lighthouse guiding you towards informed, impactful decision-making. This webinar will not merely present data but also help you understand how to weave these insights into the very fabric of your strategic endeavors.

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ABOUT Benefits Who Will Benefit?

Strategy Planning Professionals Seeking to enhance the depth and impact of the strategy management tools and practices.

Corporate Performance Management Managers Looking to align organizational performance measurement with emerging global trends and insights.

Executives and Managers Navigating through the complex webs of decision-making and organizational leadership.

Business Consultants Aiming to provide informed, data-backed guidance to their clientele, elevating the effectiveness of performance management systems implemented.

ABOUT Benefits
What Is In My Participant Gift Bag?

State of Strategy Management Practice Report 2023
Access full report and practical recommendations included in the study.

The Human Resources Performance Scorecard Template
Benefit from a pre-populated performance scorecard for the Human Resources department that can be populated with any other functional area examples or corporate-level objectives and KPIs.

ABOUT Benefits
ABOUT COURSE Speaker Spotlight

Cristina Mihăiloaie
Strategy and Performance
Management Expert

Cristina Mihăiloaie is a Strategy and Performance Management Expert and the Business Unit Manager of Research Programs at The KPI Institute.

Her professional experience embeds research skills with performance management consulting and practical strategy development and execution for the Research division.

In the last 10 years, Cristina contributed to the development of best practices and standards for using and leveraging KPIs that are taught in the premium certifications of The KPI Institute world ide. She has assisted large organizations in industries like oil and gas, financial sector, telecommunications, manufacturing, and utilities.

She conducts maturity assessments for strategy and performance management systems and has trained over 500 professionals, gaining first-hand experience of the most stringent issues that organizations are facing.

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