Testimonials from Functional Areas


Thank you very much for improving the desired objective and providing information and techniques on how to implement, control and take decision for setting targets by using methods like Strategy, Objective,KPIs and Initiatives.

Chief Accountant, GAM Rentals, Saudi Arabia

I decided to enroll all members of our Management Team and also the members of our HR department on two training courses this year in September and October: Balanced Scorecard and KPIs, respectively. We were very pleased with the quality of the course and training and now we are in the process of applying in our company the knowledge gained based on all these experiences.

Accounting Director, Process Solutions S.R.L., Romania

The course content is amazing and it has a powerful information and I really thank you for the professional way of delivering the materials of the course.

Accountant, Savannah International Trading Co., Saudi Arabia

Corporate Services

It was an interesting course. I learned a lot of new things regarding KPIs. I recommend it for people working in performance section and especially those who would like to improve their performance system. Sometimes, we are dragged with what is being used in our organization, and we cannot tell what is wrong until we learn the right way.

Corporate Performance Manager, Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment  company, Qatar

We all had a great time and we learned a lot about building and choosing the right and suitable KPIs.

Corporate Financial Reporting Section Manager, Saudi Telecom Company, Saudi Arabia

In my opinion this course is the rudder for the measurement of Performance. Lack of knowledge of KPIs lead vast number of organizations to fatal failure. I recommend everyone to attain this significant knowledge. My great regards to the KPI Institute.

Corporate Strategy Director, Eleganza Group, Qatar


The course deliverables are excellent and the instructor have made it well understandable.

Project Manager, Unlimited Development Co. For Consulting and Training (UDFCT), Saudi Arabia

Successfully organized and easy to understand for participants with a good deal of practical work that complemented learning effectively.

Organizational Development-Head of Practice, Zeler & Company, Greece

The content was very informative, lots of hands on exercises, provided techniques on how to select the best KPIs, and how to differentiate between objectives, KPIs and initiatives. One of the strongest areas was the data gathering techniques. I really enjoyed the course and it was worth the money. It will help me a lot in my work.

Senior HR Consultant, Techno Management, Canada


Thank you! It was indeed a very informative training. The methodology used was very effective.

Director finance, Zamil Industrial, Saudi Arabia

The course content is very good for the line managers who set KPIs.

Head of Reporting, Financial Reporting, Brac Bank Ltd., Bangladesh

This course is very good and it is a useful tool that can guide for a better KPIs setting for my colleagues and myself.

Financial Controller, Cellcard, Cambodia

Governance, Compliance and Risk

Nice experience as this is a new field and organizations are still in process of implementing and improving PMS.

Dep. Manager-Compliance Audit, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), United Arab Emirates

The Pre-requisite reading helped me better understand the training content. The Pre-course evaluation quiz developed my interest to the course. The on-site training course was useful and intensive. The case studies and short quizzes were valuable. After-course activities refreshed my memory and pushed me to go through the course materials again.

Project Manager, LKK Health Products Group Limited, Hong Kong SAR China

It was awesome that everyone was so enthusiastic and interested in learning. I think everyone in the course had a great time and this has been a most enjoyable 3 days.

Project Manager, E-Government Program, Saudi Arabia

Human Resources

The training on KPIs gave me the right understanding about the process, starting with identification to KPIs alignment towards strategy and performance measurement, which will really add the value to all organizations.

HR Manager, Applied Corrossion Technology, United Arab Emirates

Great value taken from the content that could be easily applied to our organization.

Head of HR Business Solutions, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar

Very well organized and delivered. The materials were detailed.

Senior HR Manager, Abana Enterprises Group, Saudi Arabia

Information Technology

This entire experience exposed me to realize that everything we do is measurable and that measuring what people do in the workplace is fundamental to making businesses successful.

Client Solution Professional, IBM West Africa, Nigeria

Knowledge and Innovation

The content was comprehensive. I learned more new “rules” regarding how to create data visualization.

Research Analyst (Knowledge Hub), Ministry of Manpower, Singapore

Marketing and Communications

The content of the course was very good and beneficial. It gave me very specific guidelines to understand and implement KPIs from the practical point of view.

International Sales & Marketing Manager, Royal Ceramica, Egypt

Everyone can easily follow the material and Instructions in the contact. Also, you can find very good leading by the symbols in each topic. For, example, Key Learning Point, Case Study, Video and Reference you can use this tool to learn fast and easy.

Marketing & Sales Analyst, Zamil Plastic, Saudi Arabia

Useful by clearing the link between strategy and KPIs, understanding the importance of KPIs in evaluating individuals.

Marketing Manager, ARASCO Feed, Saudi Arabia

Sales and Customer Service

You really helped me to understand the meaning of KPIs, get true buy-in to performance measurement, align measures to strategy and use measures to motivate improvement to reach targets by my people. My struggle to develop and manage KPIs or use performance information to make better decisions are already gone!

National sales manager, Zamil Industrial, Saudi Arabia

All the staff was really happy, well prepared and organized from the first moment. I recommend The KPI Institute for their professionalism.

Sales Executive, GAM Rentals, Saudi Arabia

The course disclosed a wide range of the process from top layer to bottom, also given a very clear view of the subject for the way forward. In a nutshell, it was a great course and I recommend it to all mid to senior managers to be attended.

Sales Development Manager, Aujan Iranian Industries Company, Iran