Testimonials worldwide


Given that our company is in the process of structuring the Performance Management System, I found this workshop very informative and very productive. This course will enable me to transfer a bulk of knowledge gained, thanks to your expertise in the matter, to my other colleagues for the benefit of the company. I will surely recommend this course to anyone that is in the process of introducing, structuring or revising their PMS. Thank you so much.

Head of Department Power Generation, W.E.B. Aruba N.V., Aruba

The course content was very informative, lots of hands on exercises, provided techniques on how to select the best KPIs, and how to differentiate between objectives, KPIs and initiatives. One of the strongest areas was the data gathering techniques. I really enjoyed the course and it was worth the money. It will help me a lot in my work.

HR Consultant, Techno Management, Canada

Excellent course and facilitator.

Managing Partner, PM Metrix, USA


A powerful insight into your hidden potential that can drive you to a high level of excellence.

Professor, Qalinca, Belgium

When I was invited to participate in that course, I didn’t feel the need, as I using KPIs for a long time. When I was listening to the course, I understood how little I knew, how to line strategy to objectives, to KPI and to get the desired performance.

General Manager, Avendi, Bulgaria

We see the ability to understand and monitor the vital numbers behind the strategies and capabilities of our investments as vital to our competitive edge. I am confident that the course will help us, to both sharpen our internal tools and to provide further value in our strategic sparring with company management.

Portfolio Manager, Delta Lloyd Asset Management, Netherlands

The course delivered was the expression of a very strong practical and pedagogical experience, and used interactive teaching methods, thus reaching its objectives. I myself have internalized both the theoretical information and the practical abilities taught during the course, which led to an enhanced knowledge and understanding of Performance Indicators and their applicability within a company. (…)

HR Specialist,  Electrogrup, Romania

Very interested and pleased with the course. I would recommend to senior colleagues.

Business Intelligence Manager, GLL, UK

Middle East

One of the most interesting and useful training I have attended over the course of my career.

Manager, Royal University for Women, Bahrain

One of the best training programs I have ever attended! It’s an advanced training program, which taught me how to use KPIs, Balanced Scorecards and all related performance measurement tools in the context of Performance Improvement. The instructional material is designed in a very professional way that facilitates knowledge transfer. The overall evaluation is: it’s really a tremendous learning experience and I’m confident that it will improve my department’s strategic plan greatly.

Assistant Director, The American University in Cairo, Egypt

The course trainer is excellent and inspiring.

Organizational development specialist, Central electricity generating company, Jordan

This is one of the best courses I have taken. Very well structured, informative and managed by a very skilled trainer.

Senior Specialist,Gulf University for Science & Technology, Kuwait

After undertaking the Certified KPI Professional Training Course I can say that I have many reasons to be grateful to the facilitator and The KPI Institute. Our company will greatly benefit from the training materials in organizing processes and restructuring KPIs.

Administrative Auditor, Atlas Holding, Lebanon

The course helps you get more involved within departments, as an organization, and be part of its achievements. Our achievements are, at the end, part of it. Knowing about KPIs helps you focus on the important projects.

Social Responsibility Specialist, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Oman

It was an interesting course. I learned a lot of new things regarding KPIs. I recommend it to people working in performance sectors and especially to those who would like to improve their performance system. Sometimes, we are dragged with what is being used in our organization, and we cannot tell it is wrong until we learn the right way.

Senior Performance Analyst, Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company,Qatar

The KPI Institute has provided us with an excellent KPI program which was tailored to the needs of our organization. We highly recommend The KPI Institute’s educational programs.

Human Resources Director, Salehiya Medical, Saudi Arabia

I’m happy to be introduced in the world of KPI’s. I gained knowledge about the terms of performance management that are very important for a company to achieve its goals. I will spend a great effort to integrate these methodologies in my company.

Senior Engineer, Roketsan, Turkey

I highly recommend this course to anyone who is willing to apply KPs in their organisation; it is definitely the best course in terms of content and delivery.

HR Coordinator, The Institute of Public Administration, UAE


It is a course dedicated to every manager and prospective management employee, as it will ease the decision-making process, with little or no downtime recorded.

Operations Coordinator, Bourbon Interoil Nigeria Limited, Nigeria

I recommend others to attend these courses!

HR Planning Manager, Giad Industrial Group, Sudan


This is one of the best programs regarding performance management I have ever attended. I highly recommend this training to any manager who wants to manage his/her business in the right way.

Chief Operating Officer, Embawood, Azerbaijan

It was a good program, through which I got a clear idea about modern practices in using KPIs.

Senior Manager HR, IDLC Finance Limited, Bangladesh

I highly enjoyed the course. Even though I’ve attended KPI courses before, it was a great refresher as it relates directly with my current job. The flow of the content was done systematically and was easy to be understood. I highly recommend this course to the colleagues as the content is extremely useful to be applied in the Public Sector. Especially those who are having issues coming up with or implementing performance measures in their organization.

Senior Special Duties Officer, Prime Ministers Office, Brunei Darussalam

This course is very good and it is a useful tool that can improve the KPIs setting process for me and my colleagues.

Financial Controller, Cellcard, Cambodia

Good program, well organized. Experienced trainer. Great job. Definitely recommendable.

 Vice President, Synthite Industries Ltd, India

It is very good theory that should be remembered and applied when companies wants to implement the Performance Management System.

Senior Consultant, Multipolar Technology, Indonesia

I would like to thank the facilitator, who has a strong appropriate background, he is the proper person for this course. The lectures were very relevant to the course and highlighted the key issues in an understandable manner. Therefore I give 5 out of 5. Thank you!

Senior Market Analyst, ENRC Marketing, Kazakhstan

Thanks for a very informative and enlightening session. It would certainly assist me in the long run, to further enhance our corporate performance measurement and management.

Senior Manager, Multimedia Development Corporation, Malaysia

I am thankful for being a member of such a productive and informative course. Your talent and professionalism was superior and outstanding. Applying the general performance management process to mine organization specific environment has proven your capabilities to demonstrate the performance subject to any industry. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone who needs your expertise. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to work with you in the future.

Lieutenant commander, Pakistan Navy, Pakistan

The course is useful for companies, which start to implement KPIs or look at improving the process of implementing KPIs.

Senior Project Manager, NCS Pte. Ltd, Singapore

What I’ve learned from the course is very useful for me as we are developing the KPI of 2013 for our Holding Co. and two SBUs under Kingfisher group.

Business Development Manager, Kingfisher Holdings, Thailand


Professionalism, patience in explaining to stakeholders and passion ware major contributing factors to the success of the project.

Technology Manager, National Australia Bank, Australia